Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy 2009 !!

Will there be happier subjects to blog about this year concerning world events and politics ??

I very much doubt it unfortunately as i am a realist as well as an optimist but to be an optimist without a healthy dose of realism is pointless.

There are a million and one other happier more positive subjects to write about but i feel that these matters are more important and need commenting on.

Popularity ? Fuck popularity.No one is popular if they speak the truth.I dont know the meaning of the word as i have never [ok it has been fleetingly experienced for a few minutes !!] experienced the phenomena of popularity as it constantly eludes me rather like a meaningful relationship with a partner of the opposite sex.[I need a female equivalent of PW and there arent very many around.she would be a rare and beautiful creature if she exists !]This is all getting a bit Morrissey-esque so enough already.

Perhaps another blog is needed to comment on art , nature ,film [on second thoughts perhaps not !!]comics,GNs + comic art [much needed],food,positive thoughts,the little things in life that are free ,history,folklore,music, living,humour,satire inner thoughts , the list is endless.....

I feel that there is a lack of balance here and things are getting a bit one dimensional and its just one long rant but its necessary as more or less everywhere i go no one is saying anything about these matters.

In the meantime i cannot just sit back and not comment on the injustices and criminality that i see going on today.

Its a dirty job but someone has to do it.

However it is something of an art to be able to be aware of all the negativity that is around and still be able to find inner peace,contentment and happiness dsepite it all.

"Happiness - Happiness - The greatest gift that i possess ...." sang Ken Dodd and how right he was.


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