Thursday, 1 January 2009

Gordon Brown :

Gordon Brown after he realised that he sold off all the UKs gold reserves.

Where did the money go to from that sale anyway ?

Oh and by the way heres another top money saving tip from myself to Gordon:Abolish the 350 + unelected quangos that operate in the UK who gobble up huge amounts of public money but wait !! it doesnt matter because Gordon wants to spend [waste] his way out of a recession !! and increase the UK debt [taxpayers].

What a fucking Moron !!

Oh how i HATE Liberals.

Oh and by the way man made Climate change caused by CO2 is officially debunked but try telling that to this useless POS oxygen thief.

FUCK Al Gore and the UN/Rothschilds carbon taxes SCAM.


I would rather see any extra taxes spent on preserving wildlife or providing clean drinking water and aids prevention in Africa for a fraction of the costs than give money to those criminal scammers and hypocrites and parasites.

The UN needs to be radically restructured and its powers curtailed or abolished.

One last thing : Can we stop paying money into the EU please ?

Thank you.

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