Monday, 5 January 2009

Alderley Edge Cheshire:

Went for a walk here today with my dear Mother who likes it here.Its full of legends and folklore and i know it and i remember the book and kids TV programme [IIRC] that i have vague memories of watching called The Wierdstone Of Brisingamen.It is a series of sandstone outcrops and a highpoint that stands alone amongst the flat plains of Cheshire.Alderley Edge itself as in the small town is by far and away the most expensive location in Cheshire but i also think that it is the most overrated.Its nothing that special as the high st is nothing to write home about but it is just a name to drop and is home to 1st division footballers like an enclave.

I could spend all day there but it was beautiful today as we had a sprinkling of snow.

You pay up to 3 million for a detached house yet you get a Somerfield as the local supermarket.

Somerfield is one of THE worst supermarkets but over in Knutsford we have Booths [sort of the same as Waitrose.Just as good] instead so its Knutsford - 1 Alderley Edge - 0.


  1. Are yiou an idiot or something?

  2. No i am not an idiot or something.

    Whats something ??

    Be more specific as i havent got time to sit here second guessing what you are asking i am.