Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Unfinished work :

This post is for the attention of a certain reader here who shall remain nameless

The first piece is derivative of another work by Massimo Belardinelli that featured in 2000ad in a strip called Meltdown Man.Its not that good as it was done a little while ago.There is a third piece that is similar to the second which is in a similar unfinished stage that i havent photographed yet.

This artist inspired me to start drawing myself but i havent done enough to develop my own style yet and i never set out to be totally original and Massimos art was very similar to B+W etchings so i wanted to learn a style of drawing rather than add something new and completely original to comic art.Lots of artists have started out as copyists so i dont see why this is such a big deal to some.Lots of musicians are inspired by other established musical artists so whats the big deal ?

Some are indeed Hypocrites because some rather like to talk about their acheivements and say "They are going to the New York comic con because they are developing a game etc" as its business for them yet they begrudge someone else for having a go at creating something and *try* to belittle their work because of their own baggage and issues.

Well it wont work.

There will be more and more of this [finished work] as the months go by for their enjoyment and we will see where it leads.

[lets hope that the editorial know what impartiality means and that they practice it]

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