Monday, 12 January 2009


This is definately no coincidence ? but something has definately changed here and the whole drawing process has become so much more fluid and effortless compared to previously.They must have jiggled the braincells around or cleared the neural pathways through the brain that were being created by the learning curve.

Interesting stuff really but psychedelics are never a plaything .I hadnt taken any for years and deliberated and waited until the time was absolutely right to take them.Treat them with respect and personally the thought of buying Magic Mushrooms is abhorrent because part of the experience is the connection made with nature when picking them as i have my special secret places where i pick.

I never expected this as an after effect after taking about 20 which is nothing.

I always thought that Psychadelics are an intellectual drug rather than mindless drugs like cocaine etc.

Apart from half a dozen trips i have always avoided drug use generally as i am out of control enough as it is apart from last years mishap caused by thoughtlessly ingesting a large amount of certain substances that had unprecedented side effects but never the less made for a very interesting experience.

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