Friday, 9 January 2009


Some uptight Moron in Knutsford has proposed the banning of men wearing shorts in Knutsford in summer.

WTF is the problem ??

I have 3 words to say in reply to this proposal and that is Go Fuck Yourself.

"Unseeming and ghastly !!" "An eyesore !!" "Even in boiling hot weather shorts are unacceptable"

Theres fuck all wrong with my legs and if i want to wear shorts in summer in Knutsford or at any time then thats what i will do thanks.

Womens legs are an asset to the town and they can wear shorts because thats ok so he says.

Its outright sexism and body fascism and i will not tolerate it.

I am sick of sexism towards male clothing rules and they can all fuck off like black tie events.I hate them.

Women have problems with Speedos.They have a point [up to a point] as they only suit you if you are athletic looking but i dont see why they have the right to say they shouldnt be worn.I would have thought they would appreciate it.I dont ask or TELL them to NOT wear very skimpy swimsuits and to hide their Tits.

Come to think of it a lot of women look bloody awful in swimsuits/bikinis and shorts and i have seen i dont know how many awful womens legs and bodies.

Fucking cheek of it all.Its none of their business.

I hope none of these uptight English [and Yanks] go to hot countries or the tropics as they wouldnt like it.

I wouldnt ban the guy who made the complaint from not going out because of his face.

Same thing but he is hardly whiter than white as he is a criminal lawyer who has probably represented god knows how many guilty criminals so he really should just shut his mouth.

Theres always someone trying it on.


  1. Yeh and you are mpther theresa! LOL

  2. I never said i was but i dont tell others what they can and cant do including yourself .Thats why i let you post your idiotic spam comments but like Mother Theresa i have compassion for the weak and sick and the feeble minded [like yourself] which is why i dont block your comments or preview them.I let you post what you like and if it makes you happy then i happy as well.

  3. You know that's bullshit.

  4. Actually this anonymous idiots comments are so futile they are very funny. Keep them coming - its good to see Mr Wolf give you a good verbal kicking!!