Tuesday, 30 September 2008

De Rothschild = Fake aristocracy :

Fake aristocracy who stuck the De in their name and became low level german Nobility NOT Aristocracy.

Their name was Baeur before it was Rothschild.

Nouveau Riche Fakes.

You aint fooling no one.

I am descended from French aristocracy from the Loire Valley on one side of the family and thats the real thing.

Two new words !!



Neither of which check out in the Oxford Dictionary.I have both volumes and checked but to be fair they might be in the complete dictionary.

Its as if 171,476 words in the English language is not enough so someone has to create more useless words that no one will use.

Stupid Dickhead and Killzone was a massive disappointment in every way as the scenes were too linear and became boring after a couple of plays through the game which was far too easy and the enemy was cliched and boring and stupid and the only good bit was the female character who had the silenced pistol type thing .

By the numbers script lacking in originality.

A massive disappointment that did not live up to its hype in any way and i would recommend Black instead of wasting money on Killzone.I slagged it off then too by the way but persevered with it because i had far too much time on my hands.

Wot No Sequel ??


I think that Normalcy would have been a better choice of word to use but dont expect normalcy here.

Disgraceful and creepy:


Drag that link into your browser and see what i mean.

Politicising Children is *digusting* .

Hitler would be proud .


Children also sang to and about Pol Pot , Kim Jong II ,Saddam Hussein etc etc .

They all exploited children as well.

Or perhaps its NOBamas childish policies that the kids like ?

Creepy Shit and annoying to listen to.Kids dont know what they are singing about but that was just a dirge.

Only LibTard socialist trash can watchthis and not be appalled by it.

Friends cousin staying :

Had a friends cousin over from Australia staying for 3 days and wished i hadnt bothered.I was doing my usual good samaritan bit.I waited a day and a half for the first offer of a thank you etc like a beer etc or perhaps even a take away or something like that.I finally got an offer of 2 bottles of beer of my choosing [San Miguel or something weak like that].but of course this didnt happen because the idiot just sat there and wasnt going to bother until i reminded him about it but by then it was too late as the
Offy was shut and most probably sold out because of the street party.

Nothing forthcoming the next day either.

Totally useless.

Plus why is a visitor sitting around the house all day reading a Tom Clancy novel all day ?? and answering any conversation i attempted to strike up with rude one word answers ??

Its all right though make full use of the music collection and stereo and hot water etc and drink all the juice in the fridge from the 6 litre size cartons left over from the Friday night.I managed to have 1.5 litres of that.I didnt see him actually eat anything at all as i didnt feed him.

Another visitor we dont want back again ever.

What is wrong with people ??

I was relieved when he fucked off in the end as he was getting on my tits.

Yeah yeah yeah see you later goodbye.

Dont worry !! Be Happy !!

Let the Banks and securities firms go to the Wall !!

No bailouts !!

Time to start over again.

Its quite simple as several airlines have gone to the wall and been bought out and started again with no real problems.

NO MORE fakemoney !!

No One knows except the Fed how much fake money has been printed since 2006 !! except the FED obviously.They are creating more money out of thin air than at any time since 1776 !!

Government is too scared to say publicly.

Are they trying to collapse the economy deliberately and impose Martial Law and seize everything ?? They imposed Martial Law the other day actually but its not being enforced or it is not fully enacted.

I dont think they will dare but if they do all of their Blackwater Security operatives had better watch out thats all i can say and if the economy does crash the US people will want blood .THe US government wont keep the people down for long and the US government will panic and try to call in outside help probably.

No need for that as this can be solved peacefully i hope ??

Get the correct checks and balances in place on a political level to stop this happening again but just *make sure* the same old corrupt Bankster mafioso DONT buy up those businesses again .

Vet any potential buyer of businesses thoroughly but the downsides is foreign investment as here in the UK virtually everything is owned by foreign investment.

They wont have the cash after they have been bankrupted again or be legally able to run businesses again.

Let the market collapse and then watch it recover again within a year or so and watch all the independent buyers buy up everything.

Time to start over.

Out with the old in with the new NOT Out with the old in with the old.

Theres better minds than mine around that can sort this mess out properly.

Just dont listen to the scaremongering !!

Having said that we are on a knife edge and we are in uncharted territory now and no one really knows what is going to happen but this is history in the making and it could be good or bad.

There is a cold wind blowing and a storm building up thats for sure

Race relations:


In an insane world Ron Paul is the sanest choice .

He has been right about thefinancial situation so far andnow all of a sudden everyone is listening to Ron Paul for a change.I endorsed Ron Paul all along.

Its hard work being infallible i can tell you.

More failures :THe root cause of the problems in the world today:

2 special mentions to the following:

David Rockefeller :Fucking Die already !! [fifth down from top ]

David De Rothschild :You are a piece of Shit Trash who is behind the fleece the world with carbon taxes and many other things.Looks like a fucking Hippy.[8th down]

And look at that obscene fat Fuck 2nd down from the top.

"Would you like a mint Sir ? Its Waffer thin !!"

Abolish the Council Of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.Abolish or restructure the International Monetary Fund radically.

If you dont know what they are then i suggest that you wake the Fuck Up and educate yourselves.[A subject for another post ?]

Failures :

Truth MFs:

Democrats = failure.

[some of them voted NO to the bailout so there must be some intelligence and decency within the party and the same goes for the Republicans especially those that are aligned with Ron Paul and even some that arent]

Barney [Fag] Frank is a typical example of the kind of trash in the Democrat party.He is so corrupt that the Republicans wont have him in their party if he chose to switch to the Republicans.


Get these Fucking Cunts out of the political system and i point the finger mostly at that fucking ugly Hag Pelosi.That fucking ugly bitch dismissed the house of representatives for a duration of 5 weeks when there was a national crisis in the making partly because she was pimping her own shit liberal blowhard book !!.

She is inept and incapable of leadership much like NOBama and she refuses to debate with the opposition and take the initiative in a time of crisis.All she does is take potshots at the opposition and then after that she attempts to force the bailout through congress which would hurt the very people she claims to represent !!

She didnt even have a plan !!

She is quoted as saying that she "was going to wait and see what GW did " !!

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

Moving on from those fucking idiots just for now does it make sense to rush through a bailout that is totally ill conceived and is backed and pushed by the criminal Banksters and their lapdog GW Bush and create a climate of fear and scaremongering and not expect it to have some kind of effect on the financial markets ??

"Inject 700 billion USD or we all die !!"

Abolish the FED or restructure it radically and expel its board of directors or arrest them.

If they hadnt said anything then none of what happened today would have happened and everyone knows that the markets are controlled by the Media to a large extent as well as actual events ??

Pathetic really.

Reason 1:

They caused this by legislation that forced lenders to lend to those with bad credit history and those on very low incomes who for whatever reason could not afford to pay off the debts.Reasons that may have been situations beyond their own control or because of their own irresponsible attitude to money.Who can say as each case has to be judged individually.

Reason 2 :The Nobama campaign is up to its neck in very shady dealings with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac such as lobbying congress for the benefit of Fannie and Freddie who then have donated huge amounts of cash to the NOBama 08 campaign not to mention many many other financial irregularitiesas the democrats and Fannie and Freddie have an incestous relationship which in itself is wrong because business and government should not be that closely linked at least not in a free market but anyway Fannie and Freddie were created by Democrats anyway to give those on a lower income a chance to own their own homes.What their lending practices and policy and rates of interest is a subject for another post.Fannie and Freddie for reasons not entirely clear have grossly overestimated the value of their own assets to increase their lending power which in turn increases their own turnover.A sub prime mortgage or non status mortgage is not a bad loan unless the mortgage payments are defaulted upon but from my experience in the UK Non-Status mortgages charge a higher rate of interest even with a deposit of 20% for example so what was the policy of Fannie and Freddie regarding interest rates on mortgages without security ?

Fannie and Freddie were practising the art of creative accountancy ever since they were set up.

Greed ?

Capitalism ?

Democrats ?


Reason 3 : Democrats blocked every attempt at correcting the situation with Fannie and Freddie etc in Congress.Those who said that endless lending out of unsecured loans by Fannie and Freddie etc was financial suicide unless their lending policy was much more tightly controlled and regulated were blocked by the Demotards and especially in recent years when the hard left took over the democrats.

Republicans were blocked by NOBama etc 17 times !!

"Fairness" you understand.Demotards are obsessed with fairness.

Get the super rich and the elites and the banksters OUT of politics altogether.Make them fucking pay for the mess they cause not just there but everywhere.Give politics back to the people where it belongs.This is not the end of capitalism as we know it but it should be the end of corporate greed and it should be the end of predatory lending and it should be the end of easy credit and it should be the end of criminal Banksters who own politicians.

Get rid of the likes of George Soros [Democrats] and the Rothschilds[I think they swing to the left but not anymore as NOBama has even scared them off!!]/Rockefellers [Republicans] etc.

Take out the trash and dump it.

Also it makes no sense to me to foreclose on someone who hasnt paid their motrgage either and create mass homelessness.Fucking stupid and not very compassionate of Fannie and Freddie.The hypocrisy of Liberals.They worship the dollar note as much as anyone else does.Just ask NOBAMA.Let them stay in their homes anyway as otherwise it just causes more problems.

I know what why dont you Nobama supporters go and have a nice chat with George Soros.Hang on a minute though he is only worth 9 billion USD and that wont go that far.

Reason 4 :Stop the practice of creating money out of thin air .All banks do this but i point the finger at the FED in particular .They have the means to do so and have a licence to print money and everyone makes a big song and dance about the 700 billion dollar bailout when in fact they have been doing the very same thing to the tune of roughly 120 billion USD every day !! since all this began.They are not loans by the way or not just loans but they are in fact lending the money to the failing institutions in return for a controlling share of the failing institutions that will remain their share even once the "Loan" is repaid.They also lent out 600 odd billion USD today or yesterday anyway and if the FED want to lend out cash no one can really stop them anyway its just that the 700 billion bailout was pushed through the political system for some reason .They might as well not have bothered anyway.Loan out the 700 billion and let the dollar crash.Then they clean up and take over and seize everything or the government will on their behalf.

Fucking Bankrobbers / Robberbarons all out for a cheap deal and we all know that the price of things can go up after they were previously worth next to nothing.They know this so they will sell on later and clean up.There is always money to be made in a recession .If you have cash then you are a winner.

My October symphony :

So Fuck off LEftard Marxist types .Your ideaology isnt a solution now and never will be as you have failed EVERY TIME.You cant run a political system or a country in a civilised fashion or at least you have failed so far although there are a few partial successes i will give you that like Albania or even Venezuela as they are not short of cash.The reason you fail is because of reasons i have pointed out earlier here elsewhere and its hilarious that you cry out that Capitalism fails yet you yuourselves could not survive without cash and what you rake in each year with the GDP of every country you have taken over but with you Leftard trash the cash stays in the hands of the state and the elites so we are effectively worse off under Marxism than Capitalism as there is NO trickle down effect with Marxism/Socialism/Communism/call it what the fuck you like and no opportunities to create wealth.Just the corrupt state that controls everything.

Leftards learn your lessons from history and give up your evil failed ideaology that has failed every single time.

Grow up.

Life isnt a fucking student common room.

Karl Marx said that Capitalism will ultimatly fail but it hasnt really failed yet .It has just misfired very recently because of corruption and greed and lack of checks and balances .Karl Marx WILL say Capitalism will fail.Why do you think he said it ??

This is almost if you read between the lines a leftwing plot that has been instigated by the Left/communists in the Democrat party who want to sink Capitalism.

If not then why their incompetence ? and also if the Republicans/GW Bush were against the mess the democrats where causing then why were they pushing for the bailout which was going to exasepate the problem ?

The answer is NEOCONS and LIBTARDS are both incompetent and the only real solution for this mess financially is Ron Paul and the Libertarian party plus the more sane and intelligent and less extreme members of each party respectively.

Arrest Nancy Pelosi and Barak Nobama etc.

Arrest GW BUsh , Dick Cheney , Karl Rove etc.

Waterboard them.

Questions need to be asked and answered correctly.

Bankrupcy is the answer here instead of bailouts.

Let the corporate bankster Fed Neocon elites go to the wall by letting the banks etc go bankrupt.

Make the Fuckers pay.

GW BUsh declares martial law to pass legislation /bailouts !!

Look at Paulson running around like a headless chicken worrying about his 500 million tied up in Goldman Sachs !!

"We need this bailout NOW !!!" says Paulson .

Worried about losing his money !!

Paulson wants to administer the funds.What a surprise.

Those in congress who voted YES to the bailout were bribed by banks and securities firms apparently.

No let the MFs go to the wall along with their political power.

Make the Fuckers pay by stripping them of their assets through the bankrupcy procedures.

Big money boys are going down and in their place the little guy will take over.

Now is the time and if this continues it might derail the election or some kind of event might precede it if its not happening already.I cant see the Banksters and the Neocons giving up without a fight.

Monday, 29 September 2008

No bailout !! :

HA !!!!!

No way Jose.

Those bankers must be pissed off but their greed knows no end and even they fail to realise that printing more and more mickey mouse money will actually hurt themselves as well.

Close down the federal reserve or relaunch it after taking it out of the hands of the criminal Banksters who own it as it has been going on far too long.Stop producing cash out of thin air and then lending it out plus interest.

Get the Rockefellers [bauers] etc etc to give back the money that they have stolen or better than that arrest them all and seize their assets and redistribute them where they belong.Arrest all agents of them as well.These Banksters have owned the doillar printing machine since 1913 and no doubt the same thing has happened in europe and the UK but as far as i know the bank of england has more sound footing.

However the US is a giant company in itself that is owned by the banking elites who operate out of the square mile of the City of London.To understand this you have to understand how and what the US was founded by and what principles it was established on.

Its also interesting to note that the EU is pushing for all banks in europe to be centralised or monitored by a central EU oversight which is a bit rich considering the HUGE financial black holes in the EUs own accounts not forgetting that they havent had their accounts audited in 13 years !!

This is all because of the criminal banking elites etc who own and control governments and who are the cause of most of the misery on this planet today.

Everything leads back to the core half a dozen banking families who work in the shadows.

This really has to stop and there has to be a better way.

Dismiss this as rubbish if you like but that only proves your own ignorance.

Congress finally shows it has learnt something and that is propping up the economy with more worthless cash isnt going to solve anything and that was proved back in 1929.

Bad news Bankers and my friend above.

No free 700 billion that the taxpayers have to pay for while further diluting the value of the dollar .

Failure of Capitalism ??

Dont think so.Its a failure of Leftist Democrats who stick their left wing idiotic oar into a Capitalist system and who very nearly screwed it all up and then blamed it all on Republicans.

Thery started it with Fannie and Freddie back in the days of the Clinton administration and have continued to make it worse.

However 98% of Democrats voted against the bailout so what the hell is going on ??

I need time to make sense of all this.

Gary Glitter greatest hits : Kids love it :

1: A little boogie woogie child in the back of my mind

2: Little boys will be little boys

3: Im the leader of the [paedophile] gang

4: Doing alright with the little boys

5: Hello Hello I am back [in Thailand] again

6: All that glitters [isnt too old]

7: Do you wanna touch me [oh yeah - no thanks]

8: Be bop a little lula

9: What your mama dont see

10: Nonce me up

11: Papa OOhh NOOO NOOO !!

12: Oh yes ! you are beautiful [and under 12]

13: You belong to me .

14: And then she kissed me

15: Hello Hello Its good to be back in Thailand again !

plus many many more kids party favourites.

"OH what a fool i ve been !"

Turner Prize exhibition preview :

Pretentious art wank bollox Turner prize opening day review of Turner prize nominations :

"Its a bike rack thing for locking a bike to ? "

"No its not a bike rack.Its actually part of a 3 part installation that was originally in New York that is of tubular steel construction and it is inspired by the minimalist school of sculpture and represents a small part of a larger installation that represents the singularity,shallowness and pointlessness of existence and the hollowness of something that looks solid on the outside but isnt.The deceptiveness of appearances can be deceptive and what the artist is expressing in this piece is how it is possible to use a seemingly mundane everyday object and give it further depth of meaning which to the eye looks quite boring and in fact is quite boring which is why the artist has attached further meaning to it to distract the viewing public from what the object actually is into something completely different and the various thought processes involved that is meant to make the viewer of the sculpture look at and appreciate mundane objects in a different way and to challenge your perceptions and preconceptions of such things and it also shows what a non versatile material tubular stainless steel is ."

"So its actually an exercise in attaching meaning or reading meaning into something when its not there and then passing it off as art ?"

"Yes exactly it is and the more cynical viewer will know instantly that it is a lot of pseudo intellectual pretentious Art Wank that is inherently lazy and stupid "

"Yes whatever ... anyway can i lock my bike to it while reviewing the rest of the exhibits ? "

"No Certainly not !! "

"Theres not enough of these around to lock bikes to in the street but i will never look at a bike rack in the same way ever again ."

"Go on tell me that isnt a teacup !"

"Yes it is a teacup and it is featured and part of a short film that features tea drinking"

"And ? "

"The film is about anticipation and predicting things than will happen before they have happened and in the film we see crockery,china and the such like and in the film the crockery gets pushed further and further over to the edge of the table and eventually falls off the edge of the table and smashes and makes an awful mess."

"Fascinating and thought provoking and it was nailbiting edge of the seat stuff watching the teacups and saucers move across the table towards the edge of the table and fall off and i was almost thinking that the fit bird in the film didnt really want to do that.It could easily not have broken if it hadnt fallen off so half the fun is predicting what might happen not what will happen.I might try it at home later..It wasnt grannies tea service was it ?

I also predict that this boring shite has a one in4 chance of winning.

Careful with that crockery !!

Smashing !!"

"Oh look its Felix the cat going round and round and round !....

and the point is ?? "

"Uhmmm there isnt one.The artist is just fascinated by Felix the Cat and is a big fan.. and if you watch the entire film without becoming rapidly bored you will notice that Felix changes direction from anti -clockwise to clockwise ."

"Gis a job..i could do that !!"

"Well thank fuck thats over for another year !! .....Back to the studio ......"

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Let's Play

Watch this video and listen :

Alphaville Forever Young

Read the text in the video.

Sick of this:

Sick of these two.Theres no particular reason why i should pay any attention to them but they still get on my tits.

Why the fixation on these 2 money grabbing greedy publicity/media Whores ??

A 3 car motorcade to take their spoilt little offspring to school ??

She looks as stupid and annoying as usual and he looks as smug and self satisfied as usual.


What do they contribute to society ?

His N hers perfumes.

I had a sniff of her own perfume that was in a friends bathroom shelf and i have to say it was actually quite nice smelling and not overpowering.

I am just sick of seeing them.

Kemp Town village street party today:

Net result:

4 half pounders with cheese and 1 hot dog [2 sausages] eaten.

1 CD copy of 20 Mothers - Julian Cope = A quid.

2 copies of Tornado comic [12 may 79 + 28 july 79].

I copy of 2000ad prog 95

I copy of Action Comic - 8 may 76

= 1 Quid and all in immaculate condition.

And a big smile from the tall blond girl from the Deli who was working on the burger stall who fancies me but i dont really fancy her much.No particular reason as she is fine in every respect but i just dont want to get involved with women at the moment particularly .

One day i might.


Globalization = Failure.

The credit crunch is partly caused by Globalisation.

Where did all the jobs in the US go to ?

China etc etc etc etc.

Nothing else to be said really.

Unchecked immigration = Globalization.

Removal of borders = Globalization.

Destruction of nations and the creation of federal superstates = Globalization.

And while i am at it: Federalism = Failure.

Globalization and faith : I dont have any faith especially in Globalization.

Who remembers when Globalization first started to make itself known and introduced to us by saying all that crap about being part of a global village and all that Bollox ?

Has any good come out of it so far ?


All that lets all live together happily ever after and be part of a "Global Village " bollox was just a front for bigger and bigger government to be ruled by.

Are the third world any better off because of it ?


Nafta = Globalization.

EU = Globalization.

Globalization = Worldwide Serfdom.

There is a lot more to be said about this later.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Porcupine tree:

Absolute Rubbish.


Troll [above].That has to be a Troll.Unfortunately i chose to reply to that post.

Dont mention the Criminal Zionist Jew bank[st]ers who own the federal reserve bank and who create money out of nothing and then lend it to the US government who then charge *interest* on that loan payable by the US taxpayer.

I did once and just about got away with it.

"We must ACT NOW !! and bail out the banks and financial institutions with the Federal Reserve 700 billion Bailout plan/loan before its too late !!"

Federal Reserve board of governors/Rothschild spokesperson.

What about the approx 180 billion USD that the FED has been loaning to various banking institutions each day on average ?

No actually do mention the Jewish owned Federal Reserve bank and its criminal practices.

Tell everyone about them.

Tell everyone about how the Paulson/Bernake/FED bailout plan is just a scam and tell everyone how they want to be given back their own money after it has been laundered by the US government as a "Loan" with interest charged on top of the loan plus the fact that they are to be given back their own money with no oversight or controls by government about how that money gets spent and who gets it.

They cant just expect to escape *any* criticism just because they are Jewish can they ??

That isnt fair is it ?

Its alright for an elite of parasites to feed off everyone else and cause misery and hardship to others is it ??

Aaah but you cant say that about them because they are Jewish and if you are not careful others will point the finger at you and say that you are Racist or bigoted or worst of all a Nazi or whatever else.They will take the comments way out of context and say that you are anti Jewish wheras they miss the point of the comments which are aimed at a tiny amount of criminals and not Jews in general.

Go On.You know you want to.

Thats not my fault they are Jewish as i am just pointing out a criminal scam and they could be Christians or Arabs or Africans or Muslims or whatever and it wouldnt make any difference to me as a criminal is a criminal plain and simple.

No special treatment here for any one .I believe in Equality.

Ugly annoying car :

I hate the design of the new Mini.Compared to the old Mini these are awful.There is just something wrong about the design.


My sister has one of these but i refuse to travel in it.

"Well what do you think ??"

"It looks like my worst nightmare ".

"Want to go out for a spin ?"

"In that thing ?? I dont think so".

Help the Estate Agent :

3 estate agents in the village as it were that i live in have closed down in the last couple of months.

I am asking you all just to stop what you are doing and spare a thought for the unemployed Estate agent.

Does anyone even care about them ?

Does anyone even bother to even contemplate what happens to them once they close the door on their once thriving little business for the final time ?

It breaks my heart every time i see a "Lease for sale" on their premises and look inside the window and see the empty desks and chairs and filing cabinets and a bit like a ghostly re-enactment i can still see the junior estate agents sitting there inside with their sticking up boy band hairstyles and shiny navy blue suits.I can almost still see the smart cars and Mini coopers Ford Focus cars outside emblazoned with company logos outside.

I wont miss seeing Halls estate agents with their vile black and yellow Logo.Black and yellow is the worst colour combination i can think of.

Its a cause for concern.

Everyone just goes on with their business without a second thought as to what happens to them.

Where do they go to ?

What Does happen to them ?

What happens to the pot plants that used to decorate the office ?

They spring up everywhere when the housing markets is on the up out of nowhere and they disappear just as quickly as if they go into hibernation until the market picks up again.

Why not adopt an unemployed estate agent and make a difference ?

I am shortly going to launch a "spare a thought for the Estate agent" day to campaign and raise awareness for these poor unfortunate unloved despised individuals .

No one loves you when you are down and out and its even worse than that for estate agents as none loves them anyway.

I guess they could just get a real job that is constructive or useful and do some work for once in their useless lives.Parasites who establish a position for themselves that they believe is an essential service and aim to do as little as possible for as much as possible.Lazy useless fuckers they are.

Estate Agent for sale

New instruction

Reduced !!

Estate agent for sale :

"I will put this one up at 499,995 and see who bites and if i get interest from buyers then i will lie to them and say that i have just this morning had an offer on this particular estate agent for five -one -five-nought -nought -nought.Make an offer of 550 k and you can take him home with you now as the seller wants a quick sale and is happy to accept the highest offer.

This estate agent benefits from this and that and the other and has 2 legs and 2 arms ,not very bright and neutral decor.He is not used to physical work so he will need breaking in slowly as he has been mostly used to doing Fuck All all day.A compact and bijou size and recently converted".

QUICK!! Buy before he gets re-possessed !!

Friday, 26 September 2008


Fuck This.

Fuck Identity cards.

Fuck the EU.

Fuck em all.


I am just going to ignore any request that i should have an EU or UK identity card.


Gender : What the Fuck do i look like to you ?

Personal data : Fuck Off.

Machine readable code : Fuck You.

Remarks : Fuck You.

Microchip Data : Go Fuck yourself.

Dynaprint Security Feature : Go Fuck Yourself.

Biometric Data : None of your fucking business.

Fuck LeftTard EU traitor sellout C Chinless wonder Jacqui smith.

"Your papers please "


These fucking people make me ANGRY.

They have got another thing coming and i will NOT submit to this.

I am not a fucking number or a security code either.

FRY the fucking things in a Microwave.

Finally nothing goes under my skin unless i say so.


Assimilate This

What ??

Here ??



The partys over :

Intelligent comment by Pat Buchanan :Patrick J. Buchanan – September 19, 2008

The Crash of 2008, which is now wiping out trillions of dollars of our people’s wealth, is, like the Crash of 1929, likely to mark the end of one era and the onset of another.

The new era will see a more sober and much diminished America. The “Omnipower” and “Indispensable Nation” we heard about in all the hubris and braggadocio following More..our Cold War victory is history.

Seizing on the crisis, the left says we are witnessing the failure of market economics, a failure of conservatism.

This is nonsense. What we are witnessing is the collapse of Gordon Gecko (”Greed Is Good!”) capitalism. What we are witnessing is what happens to a prodigal nation that ignores history, and forgets and abandons the philosophy and principles that made it great.

A true conservative cherishes prudence and believes in fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets and a self-reliant republic. He believes in saving for retirement and a rainy day, in deferred gratification, in not buying on credit what you cannot afford, in living within your means.

Is that really what got Wall Street and us into this mess — that we followed too religiously the gospel of Robert Taft and Russell Kirk?

“Government must save us!” cries the left, as ever. Yet, who got us into this mess if not the government — the Fed with its easy money, Bush with his profligate spending, and Congress and the SEC by liberating Wall Street and failing to step in and stop the drunken orgy?

For years, we Americans have spent more than we earned. We save nothing. Credit card debt, consumer debt, auto debt, mortgage debt, corporate debt — all are at record levels. And with pensions and savings being wiped out, much of that debt will never be repaid.

Our standard of living is inevitably going to fall. For foreigners will not forever buy our bonds or lend us more money if they rightly fear that they will be paid back, if at all, in cheaper dollars.

We are going to have to learn to live again without our means.

The party’s over

Up through World War II, we followed the Hamiltonian idea that America must remain economically independent of the world in order to remain politically independent.

But this generation decided that was yesterday’s bromide and we must march bravely forward into a Global Economy, where we all depend on one another. American companies morphed into “global companies” and moved plants and factories to Mexico, Asia, China and India, and we began buying more cheaply from abroad what we used to make at home: shoes, clothes, bikes, cars, radios, TVs, planes, computers.

As the trade deficits began inexorably to rise to 6 percent of GDP, we began vast borrowing from abroad to continue buying from abroad.

At home, propelled by tax cuts, war in Iraq and an explosion in social spending, surpluses vanished and deficits reappeared and began to rise. The dollar began to sink, and gold began to soar.

Yet, still, the promises of the politicians come. Barack Obama will give us national health insurance and tax cuts for all but that 2 percent of the nation that already carries 50 percent of the federal income tax load.

John McCain is going to cut taxes, expand the military, move NATO into Georgia and Ukraine, confront Russia and force Iran to stop enriching uranium or “bomb, bomb, bomb,” with Joe Lieberman as wartime consigliere.

Who are we kidding?

What we are witnessing today is how empires end.

The Last Superpower is unable to defend its borders, protect its currency, win its wars or balance its budget. Medicare and Social Security are headed for the cliff with unfunded liabilities in the tens of trillions of dollars.

What we are witnessing today is nothing less than a Katrina-like failure of government, of our political class, and of democracy itself, casting a cloud over the viability and longevity of the system.

Notice who is managing the crisis. Not our elected leaders. Nancy Pelosi says she had nothing to do with it. Congress is paralyzed and heading home. President Bush is nowhere to be seen.

Hank Paulson of Goldman Sachs and Ben Bernanke of the Fed chose to bail out Bear Sterns but let Lehman go under. They decided to nationalize Fannie and Freddie at a cost to taxpayers of hundreds of billions, putting the U.S. government behind $5 trillion in mortgages. They decided to buy AIG with $85 billion rather than see the insurance giant sink beneath the waves.

An unelected financial elite is now entrusted with the assignment of getting us out of a disaster into which an unelected financial elite plunged the nation. We are just spectators.

What the Greatest Generation handed down to us — the richest, most powerful, most self-sufficient republic in history, with the highest standard of living any nation had ever achieved — the baby boomers, oblivious and self-indulgent to the end, have frittered away.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Milton Keynes:

Come to Milton Keynes !!

PLEASE come to Milton Keynes !!!

No thanks.

Not that mad on contemporary Dystopias thanks.

Its just somewhere that i look at out of the train window when i am on the train to leafy cheshire[Macclesfield borough] via Manchester Picc and always think to myself who would choose to live there ?

Watch the poor unfortunates get off the train.

Someone has to but Luton is Shit and so is Hatfield so they are fucked either which way.

Real cows in Cheshire as well.A sort of momoculture of fresians except they are live not concrete.

I wonder if you still get Sinclair C5s in MK ? OH look another mini roundabout and another and another and another !!.The types that are so small you just drive over them instead of around.Also stop and admire all of the little ornamental garden type things that you always see stocked with the usual tired and dull monoculture [not quite - usually 4/5 different species] of evergreen shrub and scrub sparsely planted throughout amongst the open expanses of pine tree bark chippings.

AND LOOK !!!! Look at all of the faceless new build housing !! and more faceless housing and more faceless housing !! and more faceless housing !!

What i want to know is how the Fuck do you all find your way home ??

It all looks the same to me.I would have to rely on homing instinct rather than navigating by landmark and road etc.

Perhaps they wait for a bus.

The street layout is all done in a grid pattern that drives me fucking mental as its like parts of the US but the the trick to it is to keep turning right or keep turning left and eventually you find your way out of the place.Dont turn right then left as you will never get out then.

Not so much going round in circles its more like going round in squares.

3 -4 failed attempts at obtaining "City" status.They have given up now and just think fuck it lets call ourselves a city anyway.

Invalid parking tickets that have "City"of MK printed on them that you dont have to pay because there is no such thing as "City" of Mk so they are not legally enforcable on that tecnicality.

Come to Milton Keynes PLEASE !!!

No thanks

Its 45 minutes /1 hour for the next train and thats way too long.

Thats 45 minutes/1 hour of my life wasted.

Anonymous :

To All you anonymous people who comment on my posts :

This is NOT a Scientlogy blog.

I do not and never will ever advocate the practicing or following of the teachings of L Ron Hubbard.

I did once read the first 2 chapters of Dianetics just out of curiosity when i was 16 or 17 and still living at home.My Dad found the book [OMG!!!] and was concerned that i had become involved with a Cult.I said not to worry but credit me with some intelligence please .The book is boring garbage and badly written garbage.Idiotic.Later that evening i threw it onto the log fire and watched it burn.

Its harrasment y hear ??

Stop it !!

Irritating Loser / GodpLoserTon:

Life does and always will include irritating little Shits.

I probably am irritating to some.

Really i shouldnt be this petty BUT just this once : This guy doesnt really piss me off but he just annoys me a bit but just how irritated should i be about a shallow little 20 something FuckTard from Milton Keynes ?

Cheeky little Monkey.

I post "Inane" crap ?

Inane crap or whatever it is he couldnt do it if he tried because he cant string that many words to gether at any one time.


So easy to pick up a word like that and use it without understanding its meaning.

You hypocritical soppy juvenile little Fucker .


Axe to grind.

I think that he is frustrated about his own inadequacies and lacks the vocabulary to articulate himself and say what he really thinks or doesnt want to.

Self Loathing ?


Inane or not whatever as i dont care he can just enjoy the fact that he cant and never will even if he could post as much "inane" crap as i did .

Unbroken record in a year and a half.

At least he doesnt cut and paste etc

He has nothing to say about anything and struggles to type more than a paragraph of English.He has NO wit or humour whatsover and just posts his tired slightly psychotic mantra of "You have to kill someone [doesnt say how many exactly] ,get a teardrop tattoo ,and be naked on sundays [to become a member of a forum].At other times he goes on about how he is "awesome" and that sort of thing .Sort of slightly retarded because you might think that someone in their twenties might have grown up just a little bit from the behaviour of a teenager but clearly not in this case.

"I am naked because i killed God !!"

Name change from Simpleton to Godpleton.

"Youre all lucky"

Yes we are really lucky that you dont post any more of your trying too hard inane crap.Really Lucky.

He even admits that he relies more on images than words.

No surprise there.

Always a periodically changing little soundbite/signature as well that is never really anything different to "Taco flavoured Kisses " or some kind of weird abstract crap.

I can tell that he is trying hard to establish a position for himself and a personality for himself but it isnt really working that well and i am enjoying watching him back himself into a corner more and more.He wants to belong and seeks approval from others as he wants to be popular.

The aforementioned Nazis :

What do you do with them ?

A film called American History X kind of put a different perspective on it.If you have seen it then you will know what i mean.I am not apologising for them but out of say 100 Neo Nazis there might be a handful of them who are not inherently evil but just very misguided for lots of different reasons and somehow get sucked into the whole ideaolgy without really thinking about what it is that they are actually involved in.By that i mean the politics of it all.I doubt very much that any of them have any in depth understanding of the politics of Nazism apart from the obvious.

How many of them are just gullible and not all that bright and just sort of Lost ?

What do you do with them ?

Condemn them ?


Moving on from that is there any way that at least some of them could be re-educated or re-habilitated ?

Thats a very liberal attitude to have towards them.

However can you have a Liberal attitude to something that is evil like Nazism or nazi sympathisers ?

Have any of these Nazi sympathisers actually murdered or harmed others in support of their beliefs ?

If x amount of them have then the answer is self explanatory but if they havent then to be fair they do have a right to free speech and do have a right to express themselves and even publish a certain amount of hate speech because hate speech is legal providing it is not directly or possibly even indirectly inciting violence.Like it or not that is the law and how the law recognises and defined legal or illegal hate speech.

Just to spoonfeed it i am not apologising for them or in the liberal perspective saying "Poor things its not their fault etc etc" like the Hard Left say about fundamentalist Islam for example.

What i am saying is obvious.

Its easy to become what you Hate by saying DEATH to ALL Nazis for example.

Where does the line stop in regard to free speech and free expression ?

I would say myself that Nazism is where the line is drawn.

Its not though as you can visit the American Nazi party website your self.You can join them and even download a copy of Mein Kampf yourself.

If Nazism is abhorrent then i will say the same about the Hard Left/communism as well.As far as i am concerned Communism is Abbhorent as well or at least the style of Communism that has manifested itself so far in history.

If i said i am a Nazi sympathiser i would expect to be condemned yet if i say i am a Communist then i most probably wont be.

A contradiction surely ?

Of course Communism does have its fair share of apologists who will say that Communism was a deviation from the ideaology of Marx but i will say that it is a logical "Progression" [couldnt resist that swipe at the Left] from Marxism/Socialism due to the general fucked upness of Human nature as you would have to be hopelessly naive to ever think that any government is going to run a country based on the true principles of Communism.

I could go off now on many different tangents here regarding Nazism but i dont have the time.

Ultimately they just go on and on and on and on about Immigration etc etc .

They argue from the point of view of purity of race but i and anyone will just argue from the point of view of numbers.

Its common sense to anyone that to have unchecked immigration into ones own country is really not very sensible and it does harm to the host country in the long term.It is also wrong and irresponsible for a government like in the UK for example to allow this to happen as unchecked immigration is the best way to destabilise a country.

All i am saying is is just allow a set quota of immigrants into a country at any one time in a non discriminatory way of course.However its swings and roundabouts as for example a lot of Poles are moving back to Poland as the economic situation in Poland is on the up as it always is when a new country joins the EU.They get loads and loads of cash thrown at them and investment then after a while like Ireland the econom,y slows down as less cash trickles in or they are affected by broader economic cycles.

I just think an open door policy on immigration is stupid and the UK is already the most densely populated country in Europe.

How many people can you fit into your house at any one time without it being impossible to move in there ?

Its the same thing but on a broader scale.

However the solution to unchecked immigration is NOT Nazism.

Having a commonsense policy on Immigration IS a solution to unchecked immigration.

NAzism is a solution for Nothing.

National Socialism is a failed ideaology.

Communism is a failed ideaology.

Socialism/Marxism is a failed ideaology.

The only Ism that is in any way successful is Capitalism.

Its not a fair system but it is far far less harmful than all of those other isms above.

The mess in the US with their economic system is because Socialism was introduced into a capitalist system that was unchecked."Lets lend money to poor people so they can buy their own houses with no security !!".Not a bad idea but the banks do insist on predatory lending and the payment of interest on that loan.If they want to lend money to poorer people so they can buy their own home instead of renting then it would have made sense to give them a much lower rate of interest or some kind of part ownership scheme where they pay a rent that pays off the mortgage or the bank owns a half share that is an investment for themselves.I dont know but the whole thing was a Left wing liberal experiment [fairness] that was not thought out correctly and then greed was factored into the equation.I dont hear very much talk about predatory lending going on at the moment.

It failed because all of the lenders/banks jumped on the bandwagon of sub prime mortgages instead of allowing them to be a small percentage of their business.

Capitalism + socialism + class envy = disaster.

The blame for this mess IS the fault of the LeftTards/Democrats who are up to their necks in it with Lobbying etc,Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac etc.

It goes wrong and the Leftards blame Capitalism as being the problem !!

Staggering !!

I really am going to RIP them to shreds very shortly over this and other things.

The Leftards say it happened because of lack of regulation .

[Partly] Correctofuckingmundo !!

It was *partly* caused by lack of regulation and thats because the DemoTards in congress blocked any proposed legislation from the Republicans for more regulation EVERY SINGLE TIME !!!

And then they blame the Republicans and deny all responsibilty !!!

I bet Fannie + Freddie are busy paper shredding |!!

I bet the Democrat Party are busy paper shredding !!

Get it done before the FBI get their hands on it !!

However this is only Half of the story.

The other half of the story does not involve banks , Fannie and Freddie ,Demotards,or anything else but it involves PEOPLE.

But like i keep saying over and over and over NOBAMA and all the rest of those LefTard Trash are totally unfit to run a country like the US.Totally Unfit.

Whats the solution they offer ?

Tax the wealthy !!

Not the super rich or the elites as they dont pay taxes either way but tax those lower down who are still rich compared to those who are lower down the social scale.

Taxing those who have businesses and create employment and who work hard to set up businesses etc and create jobs etc etc or who study hard and get qualifications who get to be well paid professionals who also create employment significantly more to pay for this FUCK UP .

Taxing the [relativly] Rich or better off NEVER EVER EVER helps the poor but even less so if the DemoTards get their hands on the taxes as they will just piss it ALL away on their stupid "Lets stop poverty !!" schemes [6 trillion !!] and the Social Security Pyramid scheme and then the Democrats blame it on the Iraq war !!

The Democrats saying that the Iraq War is draining the economy is like a Whore accusing her client of Infidelity.

THis whole thing is a scam and its a scam that the Republicans want to push the cost of this onto the taxpayer.

There is a collective bank account or fund or money pool that i just cannot think of the name of that is joint owned by all of the richest industrialised nations that is known to contain by a conservative guess or known estimate 70 Trillion USD ? [I need to backtrack to confirm this amount and the details] that is some sort of emergecy fund that somehow never seems to get spent on emergencies and just gets bigger and bigger.Some sort of IMF /world bank thing IIRC.

So why dont they have a whip round and find the 70 billion that way instead of from taxpayers or why dont the FED just print 70 billion out of thin air ?

70 billion is small change out of 70 trillion.

Bad for inflation - Bad for business - blah blah blah.


You mark my words on that.

HEALthy concerts

Having one of these here on friday night.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I got called a "crusty" today:

Couldnt believe it really.The cheek of it.I dont even look like a "Crusty" but the light was poor at the time [630 - 700 pm].It was some idiot standing in the road chatting to someone else in a pub doorway .They said it as i cycled past.

Never been called a Crusty before ever.

The only minority group i can target :

I should have done this sooner :

They dont look all that bright do they ?

I can pick on these as much as i like and say what i like about them because no one cares.

Its a bit disconcerting that these Nazis are being recruited into the US military.They will be great at intimidating civilians etc.

They are being specifically recruited into the light infantry and will be great at conducting round ups and door to door house searches and that type of thing .

Seems to me to be a bit daft to give a gun to an overtestosteroneized frustrated subnormally intelligent waste of space.

Its a bit like giving a loaded gun to a Chimp.

I reckon take them out of the military and out of society and totally segregate them.Neo Nazism seems to be a totally male dominated movement as i dont see many women anywhere not in any pictures or in any forums or anything else.I guess they just stay at home and probably get beaten up or these types dont have any kind of relationship at all with women so they probably all have brutal aggressive gay sex with each other instead .

If it stops them having children then that cant be a bad thing really but if they do have children you can be sure that they will bring up their children to be just like them.

What sort of woman would want one of these as a partner ? and in any case how can these types ever understand love when they are hate driven ?

I wouldnt be surprised at all if not one of these Retards is capabable of writing an essay on why they support Nazism and why its politics are in any way good .


Gun + Moron = a problem.

I wouldnt mind infiltrating a white supremacist nazi group but i cant bear the idea of shaving all my hair off.Nightmare.

Oi !!!! Nazi Sympathisers ! Oi ! Over ere you fucking bald bastards !!

Nazi Ignorant Skineads meet up for anniversary of Ian Stuart Donaldson [singer with Skrewdriver] who died sometime in the 90s.Thats good isnt it ?

Better off dead anyway in my opinion.

Shit band , shit singer , shit songs ,shit everything really.

The only good Nazi Skinead is a dead one.

Thugs plain and simple and like anyone else like them or Racists every problem imaginable is someone elses fault and never theirs.

Its the thug psychology that appeals to Nazi Skineads.I wonder how many of them are closet queers ?

Nazi ideaology was a total and complete failure.

Nazism is for Failures and its interesting that Hitler and co themselves looked like they were rejects themselves.Just look at their pictures.Hardly a good advertisment for racial superiority were they ?

Vermin.Actually its not fair to insult vermin like that not even Cockroaches.


They must have all had brain operations as all of their heads are shaved.

"We are white werkin klass and ignorant praad ov it !"

Yeah and you are a minority as well.

"Me and my mates look up to Itler we like Itler cos we are like really Fik an all that.Fukin great Itler was"

It would have been great to take up a position overlooking the campsite with a silenced snipers rifle and take potshots at them and use them as target practice.

"I think i will shoot the thick looking bald one next .Which thick looking bald one ? They all look the same "

Shoot the fuckers or invite over a hundred or so Jamaican Yardies from Brixton.

There is a certain type of genetic mix that produces these retards .Anglo saxon and something else i cant remember the name of but its common throughout the English population but predominantly working class.

Viking - scandinavian blood like mine is far far superior to those rejects.

Why was the pub serving them ? I would have asked them to leave and not come back.

Inferior genetics anyway as their lack of intelligence proves.Personally i would have them sterilised or put down.

Its what they would like to do to others as they advocate that because they advocate Nazism.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Depository and trust clearing corporation :

There is a busy little private company you probably never have heard about, but which you should. Its name is the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. See their website. Looks pretty boring. Some kind of financial service thing, with a positive slogan and out there to make a little business. You can even get a job there. Now, go and take a look at their annual report. Starts with a nice litte Flash presentation and has a nice message from the CEO. And take a look at the numbers. It turns out that this company holds 23 trillion dollars in assets, and had 917 trillion dollars worth of transactions in 2002. That's trillions, as in thousands of thousands of millions. 23,000,000,000,000 dollars in assets.

As it so turns out, it is not because DTCC has a nice website and says good things about saving their customers money that they are trusted with that kind of resources. Rather it is because they seem to have a monopoly on what they do. In brief, they process the vast majority of all stock transactions in the United States as well as for many other countries. And - and that's the real interesting part - 99% of all stocks in the U.S. appear to be legally owned by them.

In the old days, when you owned stocks you would have the stock certificates lying in your safe. And if you needed to trade them, you needed to get them shipped off to a broker. Nowadays that would be considered very cumbersome, and it would be impractical to invest via computer or over the phone. So the shortcut was invented that the broker would hold your stocks instead of you. And in order for him to legally be able to trade them for you, the stocks were placed under their "street name". I.e. they're in the name of the brokerage, but they're just holding them in trust and trading them for you. And you're in reality the beneficiary rather than the owner. Which is all fine and dandy if everything goes right. Now, it appears the rules were then changed so the brokers are not allowed any longer to put the stocks in their own name. Instead, what they typically do is to put the stocks into the name of "Cede and Company" or "Cede & Co" or some such variation. And the broker might tell you that it is just a fictitious name, and will explain why it is really more practical to do that than to put it in your name.

The problem with that is that it appears that Cede isn't just some dummy name, but an actual corporation that DTCC controls. And, well, if you ask anybody about this, who actually knows about it, they will naturally tell you that it is all a formality. To serve you better, of course. And, well, maybe it is. DTCC seems like a nice and friendly company. It is a private company, owned by the same people (major U.S. banks) who own the Federal Reserve Bank. And if they all stick to their job, and just keep the money and your stocks flowing smoothly, I'm sure that is all well and good. But if somebody at some point should decide otherwise, and there's a national U.S. emergency and/or the U.S. government becomes unable to pay its debts, well, they might just not give you your stocks back. Because legally they own them. Something to think about.

Part I of II

This exclusive report is a compilation of interviews and background research from October 1995 through April 1999.

The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is the best kept secret in America. Headquartered at 55 Water Street in New York City, the average American has no clue that this financial institution is the most powerful banking corporation in the world. The general public has no knowledge of what the DTC is or what they do. How can a private banking trust company hold assets of over $19 trillion and be unknown? In a recent press release dated April 19, 1999, the Depository Trust Company stated:

The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is the world's largest securities depository, holding nearly $19 trillion in assets for its Participants and their customers.... Last year, DTC processed over 164 million book-entry deliveries valued at more than $77 trillion.

In dealing with the trust department of Midlantic Bank, N.A. in New Jersey [now PNC Bank, N.A.], this writer was authorized, as trustee and power of attorney, to transfer original trust assets comprising of common stocks and bonds to a new trust set up in another jurisdiction. An Assistant Vice President from the Trust & Financial Management Office of Midlantic Bank said to me "it will take at least 6 weeks to do this as the majority of the stocks and bonds are not held in the name of the trust". This same Midlantic Bank Assistant V.P. also stated in a letter dated November 17, 1995, "Of the 11 municipal bonds, 8 are held in book entry only. This means they cannot be physically re-registered with a certificate sent to the new trustees." (* these are not the actual figures quoted in the letter in order to protect the privacy of the account holder, at their request. Also, we were asked not to name the Midlantic Assistant V.P. in order to protect her privacy Rights. We respect these requests with full moral compliance). In disbelief, I brought this matter to the attention of our research assistants at the Christian Common Law Institute [formerly the North Bridge News] and we began our lengthy investigation into the matter. After 3 years, the can of worms we've opened up should frighten every American. With the advent of reported Y2K computer glitches and the possible collapse of our 'paper asset' economy, every person who has a stock or bond in their portfolio had better read this report and act on the information we are disclosing here.

In November 1995, after encountering numerous "no comments" and a myriad of "that's not my department" excuses via telephone, I eventually spoke with Mr. Jim McNeff who told me his position was Director of Training for the DTC. He said he'd been employed there for 19 years and was "very proud" of his employer. During my initial telephone interview, either Jim's employer or some other unknown person or persons were illegally listening or taping our telephone conversation according to the electronic eavesdropping equipment we have installed on our end. Why did anyone feel it was necessary to illegally record our conversation without advising us? Was some federal alphabet agency monitoring DTC calls to safeguard National Security? That in itself is suspicious enough to warrant a big red warning flag.

Jim informed me back then (1995) that "the DTC is the largest limited trust company in the world with assets of $ 9.1 trillion". In July 1998, I spoke with Ms. Rose Barnabic of the DTC Finance Department who said that "DTC assets are currently estimated at around $11 trillion". As of April 19, 1999, the DTC itself has stated that their assets total "nearly $19 trillion" (see above). Mr. McNeff had also stated "the DTC is a brokerage clearing firm and transfer center. We're a private bank for securities. We handle the book entry transactions for all banks and brokers. Every bank and brokerage firm must secure their membership with us in case they become insolvent, so your assets are secure with DTC". Yes, you read that correctly. The DTC is a private bank that processes every stock and bond (paper securities) for all U.S. banks and brokerage houses. The big question is this; Just who gave this private bank and trust company such a broad range of financial power and clout?

The reason the public doesn't know about DTC is that they're a privately owned depository bank for institutional and brokerage firms only. They process all of their book entry settlement transactions. Jim McNeff said "There's no need for the public to know about us... it's required by the Federal Reserve that DTC handle all transactions". The Federal Reserve Corporation, a/k/a The Federal Reserve System, is also a private company and is not an agency or department of our federal government, according to the 1998 Federal Registry. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is listed, but they are not the owners. The Federal Reserve Board, headed by Mr. Alan Greenspan, is nothing more than a liaison advisory panel between the owners and the Federal Government. The FED, as they are more commonly called, mandates that the DTC process every securities transaction in the US. It's no wonder that the DTC (including the Participants Trust Company, now the Mortgage-Backed Securities Division of the DTC) is owned by the same stockholders as the Federal Reserve System. In other words, the Depository Trust Company is really just a 'front' or a division of the Federal Reserve System.

"DTC is 35.1% owned by the New York Stock Exchange on behalf of the Exchange's members. It is operated by a separate management and has an independent board of directors. It is a limited purpose trust company and is a unit of the Federal Reserve." -New York Stock Exchange, Inc.

Now, let's see how this effects the average working American family. If you're not aware how the system works, you should visit or call a stock broker or bank and instruct them you want to purchase some shares of common stock or a small municipal bond, for example. They will set up a brokerage account for you and act as your agent with full durable power of attorney (which you must legally sign over to them) to conduct business on your behalf, upon your buy or sell instructions. The broker will place your stock or bond purchase into their safekeeping under a "street name". According to Mr. McNeff of the DTC, no bank or broker can place any stock or bond into their firm's own name due to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

The broker or bank must then send the transaction to the DTC for ledger posting or book entry settlement under mandate by the Federal Reserve System. Remember, since your bank or broker can't use their name on the certificate, they use a fictitious street name. "Since the DTC is a banking trust company, we can't hold the certificates in our name, so the DTC transfers the certificates to our own private holding company or nominee name." states Mr. McNeff. The DTC's private holding company or street name, as shown on certificates we have personally examined from numerous certificate holders, is shown as either "CEDE and Company", "Cede Company" or "Cede & Co". We have searched every source known to learn who CEDE really is, but have been unable to get any background information on them. Is Cede Company fictitious or is their identity perhaps a larger secret than DTC? We must presume that the information Mr. McNeff gave us was correct when he confirmed that Cede Company was a controlled private holding company of the DTC. We have now found the following proof that CEDE is real from the Bear Stearns internet site:

NEW YORK, New York - March 16, 1999 - Bear Stearns Finance LLC today announced that it will redeem all of the 6,000,000 outstanding 8.00% Exchangeable Preferred Income Cumulative Shares, Series A ("EPICS") of Bear Stearns Finance LLC, liquidation preference of $25.00 per Series A Share, CUSIP number G09198105. All of the Series A Shares are held by Cede & Co., as nominee of The Depository Trust Company, and the payment of the redemption price will be made to Cede & Co. by ChaseMellon Shareholder Services, LLC, as paying agent, whose address is: 85 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660.

The banks and brokers are merely custodians for their clients. By federal law (SEC), they cannot hold any assets in the customer's name. The assets must be held in the name of DTC's holding company, CEDE & Co. That's how DTC has more than $19 trillion dollars of assets in trust... or is it really in "trust" if the private Federal Reserve System is technically holding it in their "unknown" entity's name? Obviously, if stock and bond certificates you've purchased aren't in your name, then the "holder" (the Federal Reserve System) could theoretically refuse to surrender them back to you under a "national emergency" according to the Trading with the Enemy Act (as amended). Is this the collateral being held by the private Federal Reserve System to pay off the national debt owed to them by our federal government, first initiated by Lincoln's debt bonds of 1864?

According to Mr. McNeff, the DTC was a former member of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and "Our sister company is the National Securities Clearing Corporation... the NSCC" (they have since merged). He was correct since we now know that the NYSE holds 35.1% of the "ownership" of the DTC on behalf of their NYSE members. Simply put, the Depository Trust Company absolutely controls every paper asset transaction in the United States as well as the majority of overseas transactions, and they now physically hold (as of April 1999) 99% of all stock and bond book-entrys in their street name, not the actual owner's names. If you have stock or bond certificates in your name buried in your back yard or under your mattress, we suggest you keep them there. If not, it might be very wise to cancel your brokerage account and power of attorney status, re-register the stocks and bonds in your name (if you still can), and keep them hidden where only you know their location. Otherwise, you have absolutely no control over them (see Part II of our exclusive research report on the DTC for more information on beneficial ownership status). However, getting a stock or bond certificate these days is not so easy if possible at all:

"For the most part, issuers know little about the role of the Depository Trust Company (DTC). The DTC was created in 1973 as a user-owned cooperative for post-trade settlement. Our members are banks and broker/dealers, whom we refer to as participants. We handle listed and unlisted equities, including 51,000 equity issues and 170,000 corporate debt issues, equating to more than 78% of shares outstanding on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). We also have more than 95% of all municipals on deposit.

In the 1980s, the "Group of 30" [business leaders] recommended that stock certificates be eliminated, because physical certificates create risk. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a concept release in 1994 to gradually decrease certificates, providing optional direct registration on the books of the issuer instead of a certificate.... this enhances the portability of shares between transfer agents and brokerage accounts. With the direct registration system, brokers transmit instructions to purchase through DTC, which the issuer or transfer agent then registers, so shares can be delivered electronically." -John D. Faith, Manager, Corporate Trust Services, The Depository Trust Company (1996)

Now we're about to reveal to you the most shocking discovery we came across during our research into this matter. Most of us remember a few years back the purported computerized selling of stocks that resulted in Wall Street's "Black Monday":

Dow Dives 508.32 Points in Panic on Wall Street

"The largest stock-market drop in Wall Street history occurred on "Black Monday" -- October 19, 1987 -- when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 508.32 points, losing 22.6% of its total value. That fall far surpassed the one-day loss of 12.9% that began the great stock market crash of 1929 and foreshadowed the Great Depression. The Dow's 1987 fall also triggered panic selling and similar drops in stock markets worldwide" -Source: Facts on File World News CD ROM

The stock exchanges had dramatic record losses, and a record volume of shares were traded on that infamous Monday in October 1987. We all asked ourselves how computers could have done this by themselves without someone knowing about it. After all, someone has to program a computer to tell it what to do, what not to do, or even when to do or not do it.

During my telephone conversation, Mr. McNeff was trying to assure me that they [the DTC] have "never lost a certificate or made a mistake in a book ledger transaction". In attempting to give me an example of how trustworthy the DTC is when I asked him how he could back up such a statement, he replied "DTC's first controlled test was 4 or 5 years ago. Do you remember Black Monday? There were 535 million transactions on Monday, and 400 million transactions on Tuesday". He was very proud to inform me that "DTC cleared every transaction without a single glitch!". Read these quotes again: He stated that Black Monday was a controlled test. Black Monday was a deliberately manipulated disaster for many Americans at the whim of a controlled test by the DTC.

What was the purpose of this test? Common sense tells you that you test something before you intend to use it. It's quite obvious that the stock markets are going to 'crash and burn' at some future date and for some 'unknown' reason since the controlled test was so successful. Was this just one of the planned tests for a Y2K internationally planned worldwide economic meltdown? The Great Depression is about to be repeated, and it will be as deliberate and manipulated as the first one that began with the stock market crash of 1929. We are, without a doubt, on the brink of the Mother of all economic Depressions. As of May 3, 1999, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) went above a record 11,000 points. Just prior to the 1929 stock market crash, Wall Street was posting record prices, record earnings, and record profits.... just like the scenario we are experiencing today. Will Y2K be a manipulated and deliberate a financial meltdown? Too many facts already support this probability.

On June 7, 1995, the federal government issued a new regulation requiring stock and bond certificate transfers to be cleared in three days instead of the previous five day time period. It coincided with the infamous Regulation CC that purportedly gave us faster three day availability of funds from deposited checks. This means that brokers and banks must get your stock or bond transaction into the street name (Cede & Co.) of the DTC within 3 working days. That's hard to do considering banks claim it takes 3 or more days to clear a check that you've submitted to pay for a stock purchase. But, there's a reason for this new regulation and it coincides with the introduction of the new FRS "dollars".

On February 22, 1996, "the DTC will flip the switch" according to Mr. McNeff. "What switch?", I asked. "This is the day that clearing house funds will no longer be accepted for stock or bond transactions" was my reply from Jim. "Instead, only Fed Funds will be accepted". Fed Funds, or a Fedwire, are electronic computer ledger debit transfers between Federal Reserve System member banks. No checks or drafts have been allowed from that day, just as Mr. McNeff accurately stated. This is more commonly called a 'cashless transaction'. I call it the reality of the mark of the beast. This is the manifestation of the new international god, the New World Order [I prefer the term 'New World DISorder' as a more accurate description].

Consider this my fellow Christian Americans: All pension funds and other institutional 'managed funds' are comprised of paper asset investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. These certificates are technically in the name of DTC's private holding company, CEDE and Company. The DTC is owned by the private Federal Reserve System owners (Click for a complete list of names). Congress has attempted, on no less than two occasions since 1995, to pass legislation allowing pension funds to be used by the government as purported 'loans'. All the Federal Reserve System has to do is hand it over. But, what happens to the people counting on those pension fund investments in order to feed themselves in their retirement? Too bad for them.... they're out of luck because for the 'good of the nation', they may be forced to share or relinquish their lifetime of hard-earned wealth. This can be done without the consent of Congress under an Executive Order based on the War and Emergency Powers Act and a state of National Emergency, just like we are already under (See further Executive Orders). Since the Federal Reserve System already holds our stocks and bonds in their fictitious DTC "street name", CEDE, then perhaps they'll cash them in for the federal government's failure to repay the loans that have become way overdue. Heck, some of Lincoln's gold backed bonds from 1864 have not been repaid yet.... and for a reason.

On March 6, 1933, all bullion gold and gold coins were forcibly taken from the hands of private citizens (see New York Times). Under the War Powers Act, President Roosevelt declared a national emergency touted as a "Banking Holiday". It was declared due to the deliberately calculated stock market crash that preceded the Great Depression. Where did this gold end up? Into the hands of the Federal Reserve System owners. The majority is stored in the impervious rock vaults they own beneath New York City. Is it any surprise that the DTC physically holds all the remaining non-book entry issued stock and bond certificates in the same place?

Technically, our entire nation is still under the Executive Order declaration of the War Powers Act and in a continual state of national emergency (See Clinton's 1994 Executive Order 12919). The President can enforce any new emergency at any time under Executive Order or Presidential Directive. In 1995, we [the former North Bridge News] published that we expected a new national "dollar" emergency to be declared within a year or two. Just like we thought at the time, they have now blamed it on the purported drug dealers who are allegedly destroying our currency by money laundering schemes.

Since late 1996, old U.S. $100 FRB notes issued by the Federal Reserve Bank are being exchanged for new $100 FRS issued by the Federal Reserve System. These new notes have scanable magnetic platinum encryption on the plastic strips embedded inside the bills. The U.S. Treasury claims this is for "the blind". Now, new $20 and $50 FRS's are replacing the older notes as well. What people don't realize is that very soon, the older FRB notes will no longer be 'legal' and there will be a penalty for hoarding them. This is what happened to those Americans holding gold and gold coins after 1933.

"We are most gratified with the successful introduction of the new $100 and $50 notes and look forward to the same success with the new $20s," Chairman Greenspan said. For the first time, a machine-readable capability has been incorporated for the blind. A new feature in the $20 will facilitate the development of convenient scanning devices that could identify the note as a $20. -U.S. Treasury, Office of Public Affairs, RR-2449 released May 20, 1998.

Why new paper 'money' and for what purpose? Because the new FRS notes in your pocket can be scanned and whoever scans them can know exactly how much money you have on you. The older FRB notes are not encoded to do this. This writer knows firsthand of at least one machine, manufactured by Diebold, Inc. (a/k/a InterBold) that scans the money in your pockets, wallet or purse no different in theory than a credit card scanner, but much more sophisticated. I participated in a 'test' of this machine at a U.S. international airport in 1998. To me, it looks much like the standard metal detector scanners you walk through at all airports. I was asked (by who I believe was a U.S. Treasury Agent, as he introduced himself and flashed his ID quickly in my face so I couldn't read it) if I had any of the new $100 or $50 bills in my pockets. I looked in my wallet and saw I had one new $100 FRS note. I told him "yes", then he said "Good, but don't tell me how much". After saying he would "really appreciate it" if I would help them with a test, he asked me to walk through what looked like a typical airport scanner. No beeps. No noise. No sound at all. He looked at a computer screen and said "Do you have a new $100 bill?". When I confirmed that was true, he thanked me and told me to please move on. I tried to ask him how the machine knew that, but he ignored my question. I took a good look at the scanning system and believe I have now spotted them at Kennedy, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles airports.

The odd part about this is that these machines seem to all be located in the customs areas where you enter the U.S. from a foreign country. Obviously, they want to know if someone is carrying more than $10,000 into the U.S. Common sense dictates that they should be more concerned about people leaving with more than $10,000 if they're really trying to thwart the drug dealers.... until you begin to realize that there must be some other hidden agenda: They are apparently going to stop money from entering the U.S. for a reason.

Will the President call for the confiscation of all gold bullion and bullion coins as Roosevelt did? Who will end up with it? The Federal Reserve System owners, just like before. Since June 1998, international gold supplies have been so low that some private Swiss Banks have been paying a premium above the market wholesale value for gold bullion. This was confirmed to us by a gold and diamond mining Chief Executive from Rex Mining in Guinea, West Africa, who supplies raw gold to a major Swiss Banking company smelter and processor The spot gold market has been manipulated to keep the price low so that the Federal Reserve System owners can purchase all that is available through their various trusts and corporations. World gold availability on the open market is now at a record low and mining production of gold is also at a record low output.

What happened to 'supply and demand' with gold and silver? Normally, when supply is high the price decreases. When supply is low, precious metal prices increase. Perhaps the private FED will peg the new dollar to gold prices, as many experts have already speculated. What will stocks and bonds purchased with old dollars be worth then? Pennies to the dollar, so to speak. Who ends up being the only winner? The Federal Reserve System stockholders. They control the circulation amounts of paper money in the U.S. Combine that with the new scanner to stop large amounts from entering into the U.S., and the scenario amounts to a planned shortage of paper FRS notes, the banning of the older FRB notes, and the soon to be astronomical price of gold which most Americans will be forbidden to have or hoard, once again. The facts we've presented in this report all point to this.

People will be at the mercy of the federal government for daily food and for jobs. Checks are soon to be totally phased out. Banks issue ATM debit cards and tell you they must charge more for your account if you use a real live human teller instead of the machine. The switch is being turned on. This is not speculation. This is the truth of reality. It's already been tested, and their new system works. Just ask Jim McNeff of the DTC.

The day has come when you must decide to accept or reject the beast and the New World Disorder.

Part II of II-

You don't own your Stocks....or any of your Bonds...The Depository Trust Company does.
by Anthony Wayne

In Part I of this series, excerpts of which were first published in November 1995 by the former North Bridge News, we exposed The Depository Trust Company (DTC) as the Unknown $ 9.1 Trillion Company. It appears that our startling discoveries of the inner-workings of the DTC had only scratched the surface. We'd like to add more fuel to this blazing fire by further exposing the DTC and those behind it.

The Depository Trust Company has grown since October 1995. On July 1998, this amount was estimated by a DTC employee at more than $11 Trillion. As of April 19, 1999, the DTC itself has stated in a press release that their asset value is nearly $19 trillion. In 3 1/2 years, their assets increased nearly $ 10 Trillion. That's a lot of stocks and bonds supposedly held in trust. The latest trend over the past ten years is for stock and bond brokers to offer "book-entry ownership" only. Every book-entry stock or bond is literally owned by the DTC. Since 1985, most bond and many stock issuers have converted from the issuance of certificates to book-entry systems administered and controlled by the DTC. As of March 1999, the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) and the Participants Trust Company (PTC) are now merged into the DTC. Practically, there isn't one stock or bond issued that is not controlled by the DTC.

If you purchase any stock or bond through a broker, it is being held for you under a "street name" by the DTC unless you have specifically requested to hold the certificate yourself. If you have a book entry stock or bond, you won't be issued a certificate. It's important to note that you have purchased that particular stock or bond without becoming a registered holder of the actual stock or bond certificate. Instead, you have become a beneficial owner. The difference between the two is like night and day. Take the time to absorb and understand the following definitions:

REGISTERED HOLDER- A Registered Holder literally possesses, owns, and holds, his stock or bond with his name appearing on the face of the certificate. The company that issued the certificate has registered the owner's (holder's) name on their official books. This is the safest way to own a paper asset. You literally possess the fully registered certificate and only you can transfer or sell it. By all Rights and definition of law, you are the owner. You have it, you hold it, you possess it, and you keep it. You have the complete control over it.

BENEFICIAL OWNER- A Beneficial Owner is nothing more than a beneficiary, "One who is entitled to the benefit of a contract"- A Dictionary of Law, 1893. All book-entry stocks and bonds you purchase make you the beneficial owner, not the registered holder. The owner of a book-entry stock or bond is the entity or name that it is registered under.

The DTC owns that bond or stock, not you. Rather than in your name, it's registered (as the legal Registered Owner or agent) in their "street name", Cede & Company. (In the past, it may have been registered in your broker's street name, but this is no longer allowed). The DTC is the Registered Owner - holder - of your stock or bond. The DTC is the legal property-holder, share-holder, stock-holder, owner and purchaser. Your name appears nowhere on the book entry or certificate as the actual owner. Instead, you have been designated by the legal registered owner, the DTC, as the Beneficial Owner. This means that your lawful Rights in that stock or bond are confined to that of a successor or heir.

At the University of Utah College of Law, we found the following examination question about Cede & Co.:

The common stock of LargeCo, Inc. is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Over 2/3rds of the shares are registered on LargeCo's books in the name of Cede & Co. Cede is a depository company which holds the shares as nominee on behalf of brokerage firms, mutual funds and other active traders. The brokerage firms in turn are also nominees with respect to some of the shares, which they hold on behalf of their customers. Nominees, such as Cede and brokerage firms holding for customers, view the customer as the beneficial owner of the shares and consider the customer to be the one with the right to vote the shares; mutual funds, however, view the fund as the owner of the shares it holds and vote the shares themselves.

Most of the remainder of LargeCo's stock (26% of the total) is held by the Large family, which is still actively involved in management. LargeCo is aware that the beneficial owner of about half the stock registered in Cede's name is the Small family, who live next door to the Larges in downtown Rome, and that the remainder of the Cede stock is beneficially owned by several well known mutual funds.

According to the DTC, under the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules, you only have the right to "receive proceeds or other advantages as the beneficiary". You are not the owner... you are the consignee, "One who has deposited with a third person an article of property for the benefit of a creditor"- A Dictionary of Law, 1893. In legal terms, you are considered the heir presumptive or heir at law to the stock or bond you paid for. The DTC controls, possesses as creditor, holds and owns your book-entry stock or bond. This is a difficult pill to swallow for those who have placed their assets in stocks and bonds over the past decade. Your broker sends you a fancy accounting every month of your purported holdings, along with dividend and interest payments paid. The fact is, you only receive the benefit of ownership (interest and dividends) without holding title to your property. You are at the mercy of the registered owner, the DTC. If you don't believe this is true, then call your broker right now and ask them who's name is listed as the Registered Holder of your book-entry stocks and bonds. If you're lucky, the broker will tell you "why of course you're the Beneficial Owner", then you'll know the truth. He may emphasize to you that the stocks and bonds are being held in "safe keeping" for your own protection. This is broker language for "your stocks and bonds are held by the DTC in their street name as the creditor".

From J.P. Morgan's internet site:

Registered and beneficial shareholders

There are two types of shareholders: registered, who hold an ADR in physical form, and beneficial, whose ADRs are held by third-parties and are listed under a "nominee" or "street" name.

Registered shareholders are listed directly with the issuer or its U.S. transfer agent. The transfer agent handles the record-keeping associated with changes in share ownership, distribution of dividend payments, and investor inquiries; it also facilitates annual meetings. An issuer's depositary bank can provide the identities of registered shareholders on a regular basis. However, this may not provide the level of shareholder identification required for a successful investor relations effort. Registered shareholders are typically individual investors who have physical possession of their share certificates, generally in lots of 100 shares or fewer. The registered list also includes nominee names such as Cede & Co., which represent the aggregate position of the Depository Trust Company (DTC), the primary safekeeping, clearing, and settlement organization for securities traded in the United States. DTC uses electronic book-entry to facilitate settlement and custody rather than the physical delivery of certificates.

Beneficial shareholders, which can include individual as well as institutional investors, do not have physical possession of their certificates; third-party broker-dealers or custodian banks hold their securities on their behalf. These shares are said to be held in street name because they are kept with the DTC in the name of the broker-dealer or the custodian bank - not the underlying shareholder. Lists of beneficial shareholders who do not object to disclosing their holdings are available from banks and broker-dealers. These lists, called NOBO for Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner, typically provide the names of individual investors.

To help identify institutional investors, who do not usually disclose their holdings, issuers use publicly available filings. Large holders, including investment managers, are required to make periodic filings - such as 13-F, 13-G, and 13-D - with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosing the name and value of the positions in their portfolios.

Which brings us to the street name used, registered, and designated by the DTC as the registered owner of over $19 Trillion (USD) of our stocks and bonds... CEDE & Co. Everyone in the brokerage business keeps pronouncing this name as "See Dee" and Company, but it's spelled C-E-D-E and pronounced "Seed". This is where the real irony comes.

According to Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, 1990, the word Cede is defined as "To yield up; to assign; to grant; to surrender; to withdraw. Generally used to designate the transfer of territory from one government to another". In the Black's 1951 Fourth Edition, it lists the following as supportive case law; Goetze v. United States, C.C.N.Y., 103 Fed. 72.

Have you made the connection yet? Your book-entry stocks and bonds and all stock and bond certificates purchased through your broker and held by them under your brokerage account are owned by CEDE & COMPANY (the DTC) as the registered owner. You have surrendered, assigned and granted ownership to someone else other than yourself. Their name says it all.

How ironic and sarcastic can they be?

"CEDE- To surrender possession of, especially by treaty. See Synonyms at 'relinquish'." -American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd Edition of 1992

If Americans had any idea that they have relinquished the lawful ownership of their stocks and bonds to someone or something else, there would be a revolution. In a sense, that's why we are exposing this paper asset scam to you. The point is, now that you know the truth, do something about it and get your assets back into your name.

Our suggestion to you is this: If you don't literally have every stock and bond registered certificate in your possession, then promptly call your broker and tell him you want all your securities transferred and re-registered into your name as the Registered Holder and Owner. If he says he can't do that because your stock or bond is a book-entry transaction only, we strongly suggest, for your own security, that you sell your book-entry assets immediately. Don't let the broker tell you that it's "safer" for you if they keep your certificates. Remember, you know the truth. Even if all your stock and bond certificates were burned in a fire, the process to have them replaced is simple. If someone were to steal your certificates, you simply report them stolen to the company that issued them and they're automatically cancelled, just like a stolen credit card. Replacement certificates are then issued to replace the lost or stolen originals.

Most people don't realize that when they open a brokerage account, they have entered into an contractural agreement allowing the broker to assign the stocks and bonds to an undisclosed creditor, the DTC. (We suggest you read the small print on your brokerage agreement). This gives the broker your express written permission to place all your securities into the ownership of the DTC. Your broker is an agent for the DTC through mandatory Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and mandates by the Federal Reserve System private bank. Your broker represents them, not you. Your brokerage account is nothing more than a ledger of accounting. It reflects no assets held in your name. The assets are registered in a "street name" that is not you or your name. Sure.... you receive the interest and dividends, but you do so as a beneficiary to the real owner. Your brokerage account in no way, shape, or manner reflects who literally owns your securities. What you own is a brokerage account and nothing more.

A greater consideration is just exactly who does the DTC hold these securities for? As the owner, who has the DTC pledged these securities to? Our research points to the Federal Reserve System, an international private banking cartel with major offices found in Moscow, London, Tokyo, and Peking. By treaty with the United Nations and in compliance with the Bretton Woods Agreement, the DTC under regulation of the Federal Reserve System has pledged all those stocks and bonds to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). These are the same paper securities found in your IRA and pension fund accounts, as well as in your brokerage account. Remember, you don't own them.... you're just a beneficiary.

The truth is, the securities you purchased and paid for with your hard earned money is collateral for the United Nations which is backed by the Federal Reserve System and it's associated agencies, such as the International Monetary Fund. Is it any wonder that the UN can operate year after year with increasing budgets, but without sufficient funds? The UN has nearly $19 Trillion of backing and reserves, thanks to millions of duped Americans. We are financing the New World Dis-Order with our stocks and bonds.