Sunday, 28 September 2008


Globalization = Failure.

The credit crunch is partly caused by Globalisation.

Where did all the jobs in the US go to ?

China etc etc etc etc.

Nothing else to be said really.

Unchecked immigration = Globalization.

Removal of borders = Globalization.

Destruction of nations and the creation of federal superstates = Globalization.

And while i am at it: Federalism = Failure.

Globalization and faith : I dont have any faith especially in Globalization.

Who remembers when Globalization first started to make itself known and introduced to us by saying all that crap about being part of a global village and all that Bollox ?

Has any good come out of it so far ?


All that lets all live together happily ever after and be part of a "Global Village " bollox was just a front for bigger and bigger government to be ruled by.

Are the third world any better off because of it ?


Nafta = Globalization.

EU = Globalization.

Globalization = Worldwide Serfdom.

There is a lot more to be said about this later.

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