Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Failures :

Truth MFs:

Democrats = failure.

[some of them voted NO to the bailout so there must be some intelligence and decency within the party and the same goes for the Republicans especially those that are aligned with Ron Paul and even some that arent]

Barney [Fag] Frank is a typical example of the kind of trash in the Democrat party.He is so corrupt that the Republicans wont have him in their party if he chose to switch to the Republicans.


Get these Fucking Cunts out of the political system and i point the finger mostly at that fucking ugly Hag Pelosi.That fucking ugly bitch dismissed the house of representatives for a duration of 5 weeks when there was a national crisis in the making partly because she was pimping her own shit liberal blowhard book !!.

She is inept and incapable of leadership much like NOBama and she refuses to debate with the opposition and take the initiative in a time of crisis.All she does is take potshots at the opposition and then after that she attempts to force the bailout through congress which would hurt the very people she claims to represent !!

She didnt even have a plan !!

She is quoted as saying that she "was going to wait and see what GW did " !!

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

Moving on from those fucking idiots just for now does it make sense to rush through a bailout that is totally ill conceived and is backed and pushed by the criminal Banksters and their lapdog GW Bush and create a climate of fear and scaremongering and not expect it to have some kind of effect on the financial markets ??

"Inject 700 billion USD or we all die !!"

Abolish the FED or restructure it radically and expel its board of directors or arrest them.

If they hadnt said anything then none of what happened today would have happened and everyone knows that the markets are controlled by the Media to a large extent as well as actual events ??

Pathetic really.

Reason 1:

They caused this by legislation that forced lenders to lend to those with bad credit history and those on very low incomes who for whatever reason could not afford to pay off the debts.Reasons that may have been situations beyond their own control or because of their own irresponsible attitude to money.Who can say as each case has to be judged individually.

Reason 2 :The Nobama campaign is up to its neck in very shady dealings with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac such as lobbying congress for the benefit of Fannie and Freddie who then have donated huge amounts of cash to the NOBama 08 campaign not to mention many many other financial irregularitiesas the democrats and Fannie and Freddie have an incestous relationship which in itself is wrong because business and government should not be that closely linked at least not in a free market but anyway Fannie and Freddie were created by Democrats anyway to give those on a lower income a chance to own their own homes.What their lending practices and policy and rates of interest is a subject for another post.Fannie and Freddie for reasons not entirely clear have grossly overestimated the value of their own assets to increase their lending power which in turn increases their own turnover.A sub prime mortgage or non status mortgage is not a bad loan unless the mortgage payments are defaulted upon but from my experience in the UK Non-Status mortgages charge a higher rate of interest even with a deposit of 20% for example so what was the policy of Fannie and Freddie regarding interest rates on mortgages without security ?

Fannie and Freddie were practising the art of creative accountancy ever since they were set up.

Greed ?

Capitalism ?

Democrats ?


Reason 3 : Democrats blocked every attempt at correcting the situation with Fannie and Freddie etc in Congress.Those who said that endless lending out of unsecured loans by Fannie and Freddie etc was financial suicide unless their lending policy was much more tightly controlled and regulated were blocked by the Demotards and especially in recent years when the hard left took over the democrats.

Republicans were blocked by NOBama etc 17 times !!

"Fairness" you understand.Demotards are obsessed with fairness.

Get the super rich and the elites and the banksters OUT of politics altogether.Make them fucking pay for the mess they cause not just there but everywhere.Give politics back to the people where it belongs.This is not the end of capitalism as we know it but it should be the end of corporate greed and it should be the end of predatory lending and it should be the end of easy credit and it should be the end of criminal Banksters who own politicians.

Get rid of the likes of George Soros [Democrats] and the Rothschilds[I think they swing to the left but not anymore as NOBama has even scared them off!!]/Rockefellers [Republicans] etc.

Take out the trash and dump it.

Also it makes no sense to me to foreclose on someone who hasnt paid their motrgage either and create mass homelessness.Fucking stupid and not very compassionate of Fannie and Freddie.The hypocrisy of Liberals.They worship the dollar note as much as anyone else does.Just ask NOBAMA.Let them stay in their homes anyway as otherwise it just causes more problems.

I know what why dont you Nobama supporters go and have a nice chat with George Soros.Hang on a minute though he is only worth 9 billion USD and that wont go that far.

Reason 4 :Stop the practice of creating money out of thin air .All banks do this but i point the finger at the FED in particular .They have the means to do so and have a licence to print money and everyone makes a big song and dance about the 700 billion dollar bailout when in fact they have been doing the very same thing to the tune of roughly 120 billion USD every day !! since all this began.They are not loans by the way or not just loans but they are in fact lending the money to the failing institutions in return for a controlling share of the failing institutions that will remain their share even once the "Loan" is repaid.They also lent out 600 odd billion USD today or yesterday anyway and if the FED want to lend out cash no one can really stop them anyway its just that the 700 billion bailout was pushed through the political system for some reason .They might as well not have bothered anyway.Loan out the 700 billion and let the dollar crash.Then they clean up and take over and seize everything or the government will on their behalf.

Fucking Bankrobbers / Robberbarons all out for a cheap deal and we all know that the price of things can go up after they were previously worth next to nothing.They know this so they will sell on later and clean up.There is always money to be made in a recession .If you have cash then you are a winner.

My October symphony :

So Fuck off LEftard Marxist types .Your ideaology isnt a solution now and never will be as you have failed EVERY TIME.You cant run a political system or a country in a civilised fashion or at least you have failed so far although there are a few partial successes i will give you that like Albania or even Venezuela as they are not short of cash.The reason you fail is because of reasons i have pointed out earlier here elsewhere and its hilarious that you cry out that Capitalism fails yet you yuourselves could not survive without cash and what you rake in each year with the GDP of every country you have taken over but with you Leftard trash the cash stays in the hands of the state and the elites so we are effectively worse off under Marxism than Capitalism as there is NO trickle down effect with Marxism/Socialism/Communism/call it what the fuck you like and no opportunities to create wealth.Just the corrupt state that controls everything.

Leftards learn your lessons from history and give up your evil failed ideaology that has failed every single time.

Grow up.

Life isnt a fucking student common room.

Karl Marx said that Capitalism will ultimatly fail but it hasnt really failed yet .It has just misfired very recently because of corruption and greed and lack of checks and balances .Karl Marx WILL say Capitalism will fail.Why do you think he said it ??

This is almost if you read between the lines a leftwing plot that has been instigated by the Left/communists in the Democrat party who want to sink Capitalism.

If not then why their incompetence ? and also if the Republicans/GW Bush were against the mess the democrats where causing then why were they pushing for the bailout which was going to exasepate the problem ?

The answer is NEOCONS and LIBTARDS are both incompetent and the only real solution for this mess financially is Ron Paul and the Libertarian party plus the more sane and intelligent and less extreme members of each party respectively.

Arrest Nancy Pelosi and Barak Nobama etc.

Arrest GW BUsh , Dick Cheney , Karl Rove etc.

Waterboard them.

Questions need to be asked and answered correctly.

Bankrupcy is the answer here instead of bailouts.

Let the corporate bankster Fed Neocon elites go to the wall by letting the banks etc go bankrupt.

Make the Fuckers pay.

GW BUsh declares martial law to pass legislation /bailouts !!

Look at Paulson running around like a headless chicken worrying about his 500 million tied up in Goldman Sachs !!

"We need this bailout NOW !!!" says Paulson .

Worried about losing his money !!

Paulson wants to administer the funds.What a surprise.

Those in congress who voted YES to the bailout were bribed by banks and securities firms apparently.

No let the MFs go to the wall along with their political power.

Make the Fuckers pay by stripping them of their assets through the bankrupcy procedures.

Big money boys are going down and in their place the little guy will take over.

Now is the time and if this continues it might derail the election or some kind of event might precede it if its not happening already.I cant see the Banksters and the Neocons giving up without a fight.

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