Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Two new words !!



Neither of which check out in the Oxford Dictionary.I have both volumes and checked but to be fair they might be in the complete dictionary.

Its as if 171,476 words in the English language is not enough so someone has to create more useless words that no one will use.

Stupid Dickhead and Killzone was a massive disappointment in every way as the scenes were too linear and became boring after a couple of plays through the game which was far too easy and the enemy was cliched and boring and stupid and the only good bit was the female character who had the silenced pistol type thing .

By the numbers script lacking in originality.

A massive disappointment that did not live up to its hype in any way and i would recommend Black instead of wasting money on Killzone.I slagged it off then too by the way but persevered with it because i had far too much time on my hands.

Wot No Sequel ??


I think that Normalcy would have been a better choice of word to use but dont expect normalcy here.

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