Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Friends cousin staying :

Had a friends cousin over from Australia staying for 3 days and wished i hadnt bothered.I was doing my usual good samaritan bit.I waited a day and a half for the first offer of a thank you etc like a beer etc or perhaps even a take away or something like that.I finally got an offer of 2 bottles of beer of my choosing [San Miguel or something weak like that].but of course this didnt happen because the idiot just sat there and wasnt going to bother until i reminded him about it but by then it was too late as the
Offy was shut and most probably sold out because of the street party.

Nothing forthcoming the next day either.

Totally useless.

Plus why is a visitor sitting around the house all day reading a Tom Clancy novel all day ?? and answering any conversation i attempted to strike up with rude one word answers ??

Its all right though make full use of the music collection and stereo and hot water etc and drink all the juice in the fridge from the 6 litre size cartons left over from the Friday night.I managed to have 1.5 litres of that.I didnt see him actually eat anything at all as i didnt feed him.

Another visitor we dont want back again ever.

What is wrong with people ??

I was relieved when he fucked off in the end as he was getting on my tits.

Yeah yeah yeah see you later goodbye.

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