Saturday, 6 September 2008

Is this real ??

Follow the above link to find out .

Its an example of the humour and compassion and tolerence of the Left [Democrats] in the US and one of or the main reason why i dislike them as i dislike Hypocrites.

Throughout this campaign i have listened to far more hate and intolerence and hypocrisy from the left than i have from the Right.It may have been written by Westboro Baptist Church members [democrats] or similar types or it may be a false flag or anti Democrat propaganda.

American Libs are a joke and they have achieved an all time low in slander in a political campaign.

But as we know its only Racism or Hate or Hypocrisy if the slander comes from the Right.The left are immune from those sort of accusations.

Theres another 8 weeks of campaign time for the hate filled PC Liberal Tolerant types to make themselves look worse than they already.

No doubt the Libs would say that Sarah Palin was irresponsible to have a baby after the age of 40 or that the baby should have been aborted.

Hate filled Liberal PC types.

God help America if the Democrats win but once the above blogsite gets out then that will help them lose.

Watch how the Socialist Obama media try to get out of this one.It will just make them more desperate and more irresponsible.

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