Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Kids money :

Governments ,borrowers,lenders,bankers,politicians,and spendoholics should be given these to play with until they have learnt to play with the real thing.

Then they all collectivly wouldnt have fucked up the economy.

It just goes to show that they are all irresponsible and greedy.

You cant have an economy that has a financial sector that is almost totally unregulated coupled with greedy stupid people ,borrowers and lenders for very long before it all goes tits up.

I have been very short of disposable income lately.

Do i go out and buy Iphones and HI FI and TVS and XBOX 360s or cars that i cant afford ?


Do i go out and spend lots of cash on stuff that i dont need anyway ?


Do i go on a big spending spree in Harvey Nichols or Armani or somewhere like that ?


Do i go and eat out when i cant afford it ?


The only time i have eaten out recently was when my family paid for it and thats only twice in 6 months.

Its very simple .

If you cant afford to buy it or do it then dont fucking buy it or do it.

Economic cycles are not called cycles for nothing.

Boom - Bust economy.

When will they ever learn ?

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