Sunday, 14 September 2008

I fancy a take away. Chinese or an Indian but not sure which .

After thinking about it i will go for an Indian as there is a very good Indian takeaway along the road that is very very good and an extra 3 lots of Onion Bhajis to eat on the walk home as to be honest i dont like chinese as i always feel hungry again half an hour later.I cant stand it myself.

If i do eat a chinese i always order chicken just to make sure i am not eating Cat or Dog but i think the Cat or dog is special order and you have to ask for it .

I never cook curry as i dont know how to and i only ever eat chicken [as long its the breast] Curry and the hotter the better unless its one of those creamy mild curry sauces like Korma or whatever.

And why is it virtually impossible to get proper Saffron rice that is yellow ?

What *is* the problem there ?

And i cant stand that Pilau shit that is coloured bright red or green with food colouring.


And why cant you get vegetable Samosas without Peas in ?

I hate Peas and have to pick them out.

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