Thursday, 25 September 2008

Milton Keynes:

Come to Milton Keynes !!

PLEASE come to Milton Keynes !!!

No thanks.

Not that mad on contemporary Dystopias thanks.

Its just somewhere that i look at out of the train window when i am on the train to leafy cheshire[Macclesfield borough] via Manchester Picc and always think to myself who would choose to live there ?

Watch the poor unfortunates get off the train.

Someone has to but Luton is Shit and so is Hatfield so they are fucked either which way.

Real cows in Cheshire as well.A sort of momoculture of fresians except they are live not concrete.

I wonder if you still get Sinclair C5s in MK ? OH look another mini roundabout and another and another and another !!.The types that are so small you just drive over them instead of around.Also stop and admire all of the little ornamental garden type things that you always see stocked with the usual tired and dull monoculture [not quite - usually 4/5 different species] of evergreen shrub and scrub sparsely planted throughout amongst the open expanses of pine tree bark chippings.

AND LOOK !!!! Look at all of the faceless new build housing !! and more faceless housing and more faceless housing !! and more faceless housing !!

What i want to know is how the Fuck do you all find your way home ??

It all looks the same to me.I would have to rely on homing instinct rather than navigating by landmark and road etc.

Perhaps they wait for a bus.

The street layout is all done in a grid pattern that drives me fucking mental as its like parts of the US but the the trick to it is to keep turning right or keep turning left and eventually you find your way out of the place.Dont turn right then left as you will never get out then.

Not so much going round in circles its more like going round in squares.

3 -4 failed attempts at obtaining "City" status.They have given up now and just think fuck it lets call ourselves a city anyway.

Invalid parking tickets that have "City"of MK printed on them that you dont have to pay because there is no such thing as "City" of Mk so they are not legally enforcable on that tecnicality.

Come to Milton Keynes PLEASE !!!

No thanks

Its 45 minutes /1 hour for the next train and thats way too long.

Thats 45 minutes/1 hour of my life wasted.

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