Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Bollox to Social networking/Myspace:

Why bother ?

Not interested really.

Not really interested in meeting new people at all or at least not unless there is a reason to do so.

Once bitten , twice shy or more like 100 times bitten , 200 times shy.

So No way.

I have been fucked over and abused by them and i dont trust them anymore.

They are just a fucking nuisance and are selfish and out for themselves and there is something about myself that they dont like and never have done or at least the majority.There are some gems out there.

So get lost as i dont want to be your friend or you have to prove yourself first before i even consider it unless they are a misfit or an outsider like i am then its safe to know them.I am not welcome in the Human flock.

One of the final straws recently was a friend who lives in Brighton who i have known since i was 16 from Hastings and i have never had any problems with and we were talking very recently didnt invite myself to his wedding yet loads of others get invited and i dont or even an invite to the reception.I only found out secondhand through someone else.They seemed to make a point of saying they were going with a sort of cuntish attitude and last time i saw them i just said hello and that was all i had to say.

Anyway i still have my friends? who got married PS2 machine so they will just have to ask for that to get it back.

What the F was that all about ?

Interesting females are always welcome though and males but otherwise No.Anyone who is intelligent or academic types are always welcome.

The male side of the species are the problem though but luckily i have the advantage because of size which means no one fucks with me unless they are stupid.

I used to get mobbed at school and out of school and since.

I used to get shit when i worked on building sites but i dont need to or want to do that sort of work anymore.

The scum and trash that i came across on building sites was unbelievable.

The worst was a piece of trash who used to work in Abbatoir and said he enjoyed it and used to brag about his methods.Sickening.He tried it on with me and bullied but in the end i introduced his head to a wall.

End of problem.

People who are big and stupid are the most dangerous to get in fights with from my experience.

Incapacitate them as fast as possible and the good thing about being left handed is they never expect it from the left.

And the worst thing about being misunderstood is all of it.

Thats what is funny about all these White PC FUCKtards that i have been squabbling with lately who think i dont know what prejudice or intolerance is.

What does a White PC Fucktard about prejudice and intolerence ?

Fuck All thats what.

Fuck them.

I know as much as any minority does.

I dont have a minority group to belong to and i just shut the fuck up and get on with it.

Fuck Myspace.

Fuck Facebook.

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