Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sex change :

I have been asked to write about Transgender issues.

For once in my life i dont have much to say about something.

All i know is it is psychological condition and there is only one solution.

I just dont have an opinion on it and if its what want or need to do then thats their choice.

I cant find anything to rant or criticise about them and after all they dont get to choose who or what they are.

I always know when i see one though.

I used to wear make up when i was 16 sometimes as it was fashionable in the mid 80s and if Duran Duran and all the Goths and the rest wore make up then i was going to as well.

I suppose my mum encouraged it by buying jewellery from jumble sales and i used to buy weird clothes from jumble sales too.

The Snakeskin jeans were the best but i was given those by someone.

Everyone i knew then male or female did the same.

Never wore womens clothes.

Also in my younger days i was sometimes mistaken for a woman/girl but not because of make up or clothes.I dont know why as didnt have Tits or long hair or was effeminate.

Thats as close as i get.

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