Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The only minority group i can target :

I should have done this sooner :

They dont look all that bright do they ?

I can pick on these as much as i like and say what i like about them because no one cares.

Its a bit disconcerting that these Nazis are being recruited into the US military.They will be great at intimidating civilians etc.

They are being specifically recruited into the light infantry and will be great at conducting round ups and door to door house searches and that type of thing .

Seems to me to be a bit daft to give a gun to an overtestosteroneized frustrated subnormally intelligent waste of space.

Its a bit like giving a loaded gun to a Chimp.

I reckon take them out of the military and out of society and totally segregate them.Neo Nazism seems to be a totally male dominated movement as i dont see many women anywhere not in any pictures or in any forums or anything else.I guess they just stay at home and probably get beaten up or these types dont have any kind of relationship at all with women so they probably all have brutal aggressive gay sex with each other instead .

If it stops them having children then that cant be a bad thing really but if they do have children you can be sure that they will bring up their children to be just like them.

What sort of woman would want one of these as a partner ? and in any case how can these types ever understand love when they are hate driven ?

I wouldnt be surprised at all if not one of these Retards is capabable of writing an essay on why they support Nazism and why its politics are in any way good .


Gun + Moron = a problem.

I wouldnt mind infiltrating a white supremacist nazi group but i cant bear the idea of shaving all my hair off.Nightmare.

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