Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Think Positive !:

[Must think positive ....must think positive....must think positive...must think fucking positive... must think positive.. think positive ....think positive.....]

I am finding it very difficult to think straight.

The fucking Cat been eating and chewing the spider plant and this time loads of it has gone,I forgot to move it.


My deceased older brothers Romanian Ex Girlfriend [since married] has just gone to the other side after a long and painful fight against cancer of the spine leaving a Husband and a young child.

The husband is a bit useless and has started drinking and cant face reality.

My mum and Dad adopted them and their family since Violetta seperated from my brother and have done up until now.They gave them money and stuff to help them and my dad helped her husband set up a factory in Romania making parts for cars that was going well and helped them build a house in the hills and forest outside Bucharest which the stupid dickhead [the husband] ruined because he didnt turn off the water and the pipes froze and burst causing major flood damage and i was going to go over there to help fix the damage but i dont know now.

Its all a bloody mess and they have been over there to help them.

I dont know how this will sort itself out.

Never mind lets put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea .That will help.....MMmmmm nice cup of tea.

"Cheer up - it might never appen !!"

Too late.

It already has.

And i hate this time of year as the weather turns to shit and before you know it its dark at 5pm.

Thank goodness for Cannabis Sativa.

Why have i been sent the wrong bank card ?

Where has the puncture repair kit gone ??

Why am i such a Fuck Up ?

The company my sister works for is moving abroad so its either move abroad as well or lose her job.

[Must think positive ....must think positive...must think positive...must think fucking positive...must think positive...think positive....]

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