Monday, 8 September 2008

I wont be back:

Why would i go back there again ?

The human resistance against the machines in the future must have had problems or are all dead as another T100 Terminator will *not* be sent back to the 2000ad forum to alter the future that hasnt happened yet or the future that is happening now.

I never know which it is .

Why ?

There is an element of people there that i just cant fucking stand and the truth is i never could.

Why go back ?

Thats just perverse.

Its like there is a pub along the road that is full of low class dross and trash and yobs and small time lowlife and i went there a few times but stopped and never went back.

Makes sense dont it ?

You know i have accepted the fact they exist and that i have to breathe the same oxygen and share the same planet as them but thats enough thanks.

Small minded little boys club who close ranks on anyone they dont like.

Still they have Scojo [I have never seen anyone with a hairline or head shaped like that before - shouldnt say that really as the poor unfortunate was threatening to kill himself just the other day and given the fact that he apparently has some sort of mental condition might be telling the truth ? ] elsewhere to have fun with if they get bored.

Honestly it was like being at school again.

Still nothing personal guys and i dont normally bear grudges but theres a handful of you that if i ever met [which is totally unlikely] i would have to resist the temptation to knock you out .I have done it before and i would happily do it again.

That usually solves most problems i know of.

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