Saturday, 27 September 2008


Troll [above].That has to be a Troll.Unfortunately i chose to reply to that post.

Dont mention the Criminal Zionist Jew bank[st]ers who own the federal reserve bank and who create money out of nothing and then lend it to the US government who then charge *interest* on that loan payable by the US taxpayer.

I did once and just about got away with it.

"We must ACT NOW !! and bail out the banks and financial institutions with the Federal Reserve 700 billion Bailout plan/loan before its too late !!"

Federal Reserve board of governors/Rothschild spokesperson.

What about the approx 180 billion USD that the FED has been loaning to various banking institutions each day on average ?

No actually do mention the Jewish owned Federal Reserve bank and its criminal practices.

Tell everyone about them.

Tell everyone about how the Paulson/Bernake/FED bailout plan is just a scam and tell everyone how they want to be given back their own money after it has been laundered by the US government as a "Loan" with interest charged on top of the loan plus the fact that they are to be given back their own money with no oversight or controls by government about how that money gets spent and who gets it.

They cant just expect to escape *any* criticism just because they are Jewish can they ??

That isnt fair is it ?

Its alright for an elite of parasites to feed off everyone else and cause misery and hardship to others is it ??

Aaah but you cant say that about them because they are Jewish and if you are not careful others will point the finger at you and say that you are Racist or bigoted or worst of all a Nazi or whatever else.They will take the comments way out of context and say that you are anti Jewish wheras they miss the point of the comments which are aimed at a tiny amount of criminals and not Jews in general.

Go On.You know you want to.

Thats not my fault they are Jewish as i am just pointing out a criminal scam and they could be Christians or Arabs or Africans or Muslims or whatever and it wouldnt make any difference to me as a criminal is a criminal plain and simple.

No special treatment here for any one .I believe in Equality.

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