Monday, 8 September 2008

Propaganda tecnique:


If there is a dispute or or an opportunity for debate or even arguement between a Libtard and other non- LibTards, the LibTard will always resort to the usual tactic of either ignoring the opposite side of the arguement or debate or pretend that they cant hear you or just simply not respond at all.

They can also block or delete comments as and when they see fit as an alternative to the above .

Or they can threaten to block your comments but dont as secretly they love the comment and enjoy either reading it or they enjoy the fact that they dont have to respond to the comments posted and just sit back and do nothing.

This enables them to feel that they have a superior viewpoint and at no time at all do they have to defend or justify themselves as they somehow have a moral superiority that is above scrutiny that does not need defending because of their own self belief and self righteousness.

Once again this is an avoidance tactic on the part of the Libtard and when this happens the non - Libtard realises once again that the LibTards arguement is weak and that the subborn as a Mule LibTard refuses to reason or debate.

Hey if you know you cant win the arguement with the non - LibTard just exasperate them instead !

Its so Easy !!

Even a child/Libtard [same thing] can do it !!

And thats why they do.

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