Saturday, 20 September 2008

Federal Reserve money making scam :

Here is how it works for those who dont know or dont understand :

The US government courtesy of the FED is bailing out financial institutions to stop the economy or certain sections of it collapsing.

The estimated figure that it will cost to stabilise the economy and financial institutions is 1 trillion USD but thats a conservative estimate and since its early days that figure could be 4 or 5 times that.At 1 trillion USD is like adding another trillion to the already existing 7 - 9 trillion USD national debt to whoever.

The Government goes to the FED and says "We need a trillion dollars right now or we are screwed !!"

The FED says "No problem at all !! We are only too happy to do that for you !"

The FED then prints that money which then results in paper money or electronic money on a computer screen.

The electronic money is then wired to the sinking financial institution and appears as numbers on a screen in the accounts dept.

The *only* cost to the FED is the cost of printing the cash.

The FED loans that trillion USD to the government .

The US taxpayer gets charged the face value of that cash by the government in its entirity and is added to the existing US national debt.

The FED is a private business that is dedicated to printing and making money literally.

The US government and treasury is a go between that handles cash on behalf of the FED.

Courtesy of the US government the FED lends its fake money to the bank etc and in return it gets a majority share in that bank.

The FED now owns an 80 percent share in AIG or whatever its called as that was the deal for bailing them out.

Thats just one example.

Its a win - win situation for the FED.

The FED in co operation with the handful of international banking families own the economy in the US.

The Rothschild family own 10% of every USD in circulation.

So they have a 10% share in the FED.

In the end the FED will own everything just like as if the US is a Communist country where the state owns everything.

The only good member of the Rothschild family is a dead one.

This is an example of how a handful of individual families etc are responsible for most of the misery on the planet today.

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