Monday, 29 September 2008

Gary Glitter greatest hits : Kids love it :

1: A little boogie woogie child in the back of my mind

2: Little boys will be little boys

3: Im the leader of the [paedophile] gang

4: Doing alright with the little boys

5: Hello Hello I am back [in Thailand] again

6: All that glitters [isnt too old]

7: Do you wanna touch me [oh yeah - no thanks]

8: Be bop a little lula

9: What your mama dont see

10: Nonce me up

11: Papa OOhh NOOO NOOO !!

12: Oh yes ! you are beautiful [and under 12]

13: You belong to me .

14: And then she kissed me

15: Hello Hello Its good to be back in Thailand again !

plus many many more kids party favourites.

"OH what a fool i ve been !"

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