Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I feel the urge to write:

I wish i was married to Siobhan Fahey [Bananarama - Shakespears Sister] as we would make a great pair.Perfect match and lots in common.Mainly the outsider aspect as she says herself that she feels like an alien and a displaced person.

Anyway Gordon brown made a speech today at their conference in Manchester .

Manchester ?

They must have got bored with seaside resorts beginning with B.Thats good news as i dont want those freeloading tossers here.

No word about the EU but instead the same tired old reverse speak drivel thats was spoken by Tony Blair in 1997.

"We want this Government to be servants of the people ,not the other way around !!... [lots and lots of applause].

I have helpfully translated those words into the words below :

" ! Are citarcomed stop eth ot emoclew.Tnaw etarotcele eth tahw ni desteretni rongel on era ew.Ycarcomed sell ,tnemnrevoG riggeb , srewop erom tnaw ew" !

Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit bullshit Bullshit.

Cradle of Filth : What a laugh.Pantomime Goth/Death metal for 12 year old children.All those death metal band that sing in that Death sort of voice are totally absurd.His face is annoying and you can just tell it is all image with no real depth.I find white people like that with Dreadlocks annoying.The music is indescribably lame lazyassed heavy metal with no Bollocks to it at all.I hate that american heavy metal sound and the only band that could do it with bite was Smashing pumpkins.

All of those American Goths are annoying.

Drink some juice that is high in Vit C and get some sunlight.

Goth ?

Its for little children .

Metallica were awful on Jools Holland the other night as well.Never had anytime for Metallica ever.They should retire.Watch that Some Kind of Monster video to see so called adults behave like petulant teenagers.Kidults.

The Alien Vs Predator movie franchise is officially dead apparently.Just like i said before.Bunch of talentless NOBama loving cocaine snorting worthless FuckTards.They are so fucking stupid that they sabotage their own film franchises.

When the shit hits the fan most people will be running around like helpless headless chickens.

Never Ever trust a weak person:

Most people are weak and a weak person is far more dangerous than someone who isnt.Weak people stand by and watch when injustices take place and dont speak out.Weak people will betray you and stitch you up to save themselves or for a bit of cash.Weak people go along with the government of the day or Fascism because it is expedient for them to do so.Weak people ridicule others who are different because they themselves are of weak character and are too weak to be different so therefore will do what it takes to get approval and to fit in.Weak people will always ridicule when there is a crowd watching but never on their own.

Anyway its pretty sad that i cant think of a single comedian who makes me laugh. Not one.Nothing is funny anymore.

Interestingly just as the other day when the US was technically on very very thin ice with the Government of Pakistan as the US has been violating the territory of Pakistan by conducting covert night time operations in the no mans land just over the border of Pakistan from Afghanistan next door which was justified by the US as necessary because the area is a known hideout of terrorists.

By coincidence [sarcasm] the day before yesterday a large explosive device was detonated outside the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad.

The usual suspects were blamed for this event of course.

A mentally ill fatman said he was "glad that i had left " an online forum.Its not important though as i am neither fat nor mentally ill and fat people dont live very long.

Kemp Town Street Party [outside my house]!! 28 September - 1 pm till 6 pm ! What is it for under 12s ?

Why not 10 pm - 10.30 pm ?

Hardly worth bothering is it ?

I just hope the BBQ stall will be there.I want to eat as many burgers as i can in 6 hours with coleslaw and chips but eating chips will be a waste as they take up too much space inside.Fuck the chips i just want the flame cooked meat in a bun with cheese and relish.Home made burgers made from meat and nothing else.Fuck the Crepes stall as they take forever and a day to cook and there are always irritating middle class twats queueing up for them.I dont really like middle class people much as they are nearly always wimps - fuck everything except the BBQ stall.


Treason Will Be Reported Today At Police Stations Throughout The UK:

'As a direct result of the European Communities Act pushed through by the Heath government, the vast majority of our laws are no longer made by directly accountable representatives, and Parliament is unable to make its decisions in the light of what is best for this nation. Papers released under the Thirty Years Rule make it clear that the politicians who took us into the “Common Market” were aware that this must be the eventual price of membership, yet did everything in their power, using both subterfuge and large amounts of taxpayers’ money, to keep the electorate in the dark.
The evidence made available in these papers will be presented at Whitley Bay Police Station at 10.30 this morning, Tuesday, 23 September, by a group representing the growing number of UK citizens in the North-East who believe that those responsible for our present loss of independence should answer for their crimes against the nation.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Gillian Swanson said, “This evidence proves that the Heath government conspired with deliberate intent not only to subvert our constitution (the crime at common law of sedition) but to hand this country over to a foreign power (the crime at common law of treason).
“Because of their betrayal, we are now seeing the introduction of an alien constitution, disguised as a treaty; and our traditional freedoms and protections against tyranny are being wiped out, as English common law is brought into line with practices in other member states, or simply over-ruled by EU legislation.
“People are finally waking up to the enormity of the crimes committed by our “representatives”, past and present, and action is being taken by concerned citizens throughout the UK. Treason has already been reported at 23 police stations over recent months; and it will continue to be reported until justice is done.”'

Jeremiah Wright should be called Jeremiah White as he doesnt look very Black to me.

"Dont tell me words dont matter !" - BO.

Words dont matter.You can talk shit all you like but actions speak louder than words and the content of someones character is far more important than empty words that they uttereth.

I am fed up with the stink in the showers at the health club.Everytime i go there i think about having a shower but i dont bother because of the godawful stink in there.I fucking hate it .Not sure what it is.Its either the drains around the edge of the shower room that needs cleaning out or its lack of ventilation or its the smell of people.Not sure.The other thing is is its fucking stupid have those suspended ceilings that are a gridwork of squares that pop out that you push up to move with that attractive fake not sure what of finish.They are asking for a problem and in one corner of the changing room there has been an outbreak of fungal growth that has spread out from the above side of the ceiling.Not that mad on open changing rooms either as i dont want someone elses dick in my face.Slight exaggeration as they dont get that close but you know what i mean.Some people have no inhibitions at all.I dont have anything to be embarressed about but i just cant do that.As far as most male members of the species and a lot of females too they should wear clothes at all times.Nearly all of the women there are fit [apart from the freaky sweaty girl who looks oriental but isnt with the Chav facelift ] but i cant use the girls changing rooms but there would be no saggy tits etc to be seen in there.

I can play rhythm or drums to any song [apart from Thrash / death metal] that i can think of and know and if its something new then i pick the rhythm after just a few seconds.

Just listening the Float On / The Floaters [yes alright children] and there is this other song i want to hear but cant think of the artist or title but the chorus is something "Moonlight - feels right or something and fuck it i can hear it in my mind but cant translate it into words.Bollox.

I really enjoy knife throwing.I can even throw a paint scraper as long as it has sharp corners.Also screwdrivers too.I threw a screwdriver at someone on a building site and missed them by 1 inch just to give them a warning.

I dont know whats it all about its a funny old game innit .

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