Sunday, 14 September 2008

Interesting website:

The Brick Wall represents Cognitive dissonance.

Heres an interesting website with lots of interesting stuff on it: [this is not a direct link so you will have to Google it yourself if thats not too much effort for you]

Its also something that all you cognitive dissonance types can laugh at and ridicule if you feel the need.

Cognitive Dissonance sufferer :

There is nothing to worry about with the EU !They are not out to take over !.

[Despite all the evidence to the contrary plus a legal document that says so.Usually uttered by those who dont know anything about it]

There is a proper democratic process in the UK !

[Despite all the ....blah di blah di blah...[see above]

Elections and the 2 party system works just fine and your vote does make a difference and change things !

[same as above]

Everything you read in the mainstream media is true , accurate ,and unbiased !

[same as above]

There is NO evidence to support the fact that Chemtrails exist !

[same as above]

ALL climate change is caused by Man ! I know because it is what i am told !

[same as above]



"I find it so tiring being cynical all the time .I find it easier to just believe what i am told."

I could add more but i think i have made my point already but if anyone still doesnt get it then look up cognitive dissonance and find out for yourself.

By not imposing cognitive dissonance on yourself just simply means practicing critical thinking and applying it to everything you know or are told and deciding for yourself what you think is real or not.

C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L - T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G.

You might find yourself having to spend time doing lots of boring research instead of watching rubbish on TV or watching internet pornography or sending texts or posting juvenile comments on Youtube or ridiculing someone like myself with lazy-assed childish one sentence comments on forums or you ...anyway thats enough for you to be going on with .

Perhaps one day they might all grow up a bit and act like adults and take some responsibility for what is going on for once in their lives.

Wake Up Kidults !!

Playtime is over.

[A lot of them are to wrapped in ME culture to even care about anything that doesnt revolve around them or offers them some sort of enjoyment or self gratification]

Still never mind but just remember that i will be there saying I told you so when it happens.

Its amazing how many of these types act like they know so much about everything yet actually know nothing.

[I dont want to scare them off !!]

My Mum thinks i am wasting my time and its a lost cause and doesnt know why i bother.

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