Thursday, 11 September 2008

self help 2 :

Invest everything in yourself .

Who else is going to ?

Bored with people as none of them have anything to say and are shallow and dull

Ever get this feeling at parties and at work and everywhere that you go ?

How do this affect your day to day life ?

Instead of complaining about it and letting it annoy you just stop for a minute , take deep breaths and just imagine what it is like for them and worse than that being them ?

Painful isnt it ?

Life isnt that bad after all is it ?

Having perspective always helps.

Ever wondered what it is like being a tree and how a tree is totally at one with nature and the passing of the seasons ?

Ever thought about the timeless inevitability of it all ?

Talk to the tree and ask it questions.

Ask the tree anything you like.

Just make sure no one else is around.

Happy ?

Cant stop smiling ?

Why are you happy ?

What is making you happy ?

Just remember it never lasts for long as something will happen sooner or later and your life *will* turn to shit all over again just like before.

Enjoy happiness while it lasts.

Only you are responsible for your own emotions.

Happiness starts within.

No one else can do this for you but yourself because no one else gives a shit.

No one ever listens !!

Ever get tired of the fact no one takes any notice of anything you say ever ?

Either start saying things that will attract the attention of others OR try shouting instead.

Keep thinking to yourself "I am great - I am great - I am great - I am great - I am awesome - I am awesome - I am awesome ..."

You get the idea.

Keep thinking it all the time and even say it out loud to others.

Keep saying it and thinking it even if you have nothing to back it up with.

If you keep saying it and thinking it then sooner or later others will believe it too !!

When this happens you are halfway to being great or awesome.

Its the next half that is a lot more difficult.

Feeling insecure ?

Do you overcompensate for being a totally inconsequential waste of space ?

Stop being a totally inconsequential waste of space and the feelings of insecurity will suddenly stop and you wont have to keep trying so hard.

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