Monday, 15 September 2008

Tim Wise/Racism /US elections :

I am hearing a lot of talk from all around concerning the race issue in the US elections.

Now to an intelligent individual its all about policy and nothing else.

To an intelligent individual the candidates skin colour should not be an issue but no doubt it is to some.Its obvious given the history of the US and the fact that the political system in the US is owned by very rich white elitists that racism is an issue

You would have to an idiot to deny it exists.

I am tecnically neutral as i dont have a vote in the US elections but i still have an opinion. As i have said time and time again what happens in the US directly affects what happens here.I will also point out that in no way do i endorse the White Republican party in this campaign.Not for one second and anyone who knows my views will already know this.

Why would i root for a party that is directly responsible for the collapse of the US economy for its absolutely insane decision to deregulate the banks and lenders which leads us directly to the credit crunch ?

And all the rest ?

By the way all you white liberal /White Guilt trippers go and explain White Privilege to all the white folks who are losing their jobs and who have been foreclosed on by banks etc.I am sure they will be very interested to listen too you.Blacks will be affected by these issues as well of course and like i have said before the system ultimatly doesnt discriminate.If you have borrowed money and cant pay it back then you are fucked .Black or White.]

Also if Colin Powell had stood as a Republican Party candidate or even been chosen as *the* Candidate then he would not have had a problem attracting votes.Almost a perfect candidate in my opinion as you cannot doubt his experience and background and suitability.

This is fact as many have said so and so do I.

Ok so here we go :

If the libs were so hot on Racism then they really should have chosen a better candidate and even more than that chosen a candidate that was born in the US.

They should not have chosen a candidate who was/is a practicing Muslim given the light of recent and not so recent events.

They should have chosen a candidate who is articulate or at least all of the time instead of some of it.

They should not have chosen a candidate who has consistently lied and avoided debate until right at the last minute there are 3 debates that Obama cannot wriggle out of unless he chooses to phone in sick.

They should not have chosen a candidate who wether you like it or not was a member of a Black Racist Church for 20 odd years.

They should have chosen a candidate who wasnt so enthusiastic to play the race card in a campaign .

They should not have chosen a Vice President [Biden] who has done a great deal of harm to Blacks and Whites by voting on and passing legislation that changes Bankrupcy Law as just one example.

They should have chosen a running mate/vice President who is also Female instead of a rich white Elitist whose only reason for being in office is to do what Corporate WHITE america tells him to do.

What has Joe Biden ever done for Minorities/Blacks/whoever in the US ?

Nothing thats what.

Nor the Whites for that matter.

Once again the Irony and Hypocrisy is lost on the Libs.It always is.

They should have chosen a candidate who is not quite so arrogant and puffed up with his own self importance and who in a very recent speech said "I - ME - This is what i want etc etc about 70 times and who isnt so arrogant that he cant conduct himself with the right degree of etiquette on public occasions.It doesnt really hurt to do something you dont believe in or feel that you dont want to just for a minute does it ?

They should have chosen a candidate who actually wants to do something positive for the African Americans instead of making a big deal out of his Blackness when in fact he is Arab American not African American ?

They should have chosen a candidate who when after being asked questions by African Americans or one particular African American at a Q+A session he then says to that particular African American "OK you can ask a question but in return you must return the Microphone when you have finished" !!!!

They should have chosen a candidate who after being called out by the African American in question over a number of issues then deliberates and stammers and stutters as he is lost without a teleprompter does not answer *one* of the questions asked and just sidesteps the issue.

The African American in question was for more intelligent and far more experienced in these matters than Nobama ever will be.If he was a candidate and if i was a US citzen he would have got my vote or at the very least my interest.

They should have chosen a candidate who hasnt consistently milked the system because of his alleged Blackness.

They should not have chosen an arrogant empty suit who says nothing and who has done nothing or next to nothing.[Read my 30 not exactlys to see what i mean].

They should have chosen a candidate who doesnt just say " Change - Change - Change - Change etc etc without really saying what that change is.

Anyway enough of that as i feel i have made my point all too clear.

I now move onto the next issue of "White Privilege" and "White Guilt".

But before i go any further i am no longer going to defend myself against any more accusations form ill - educated well meaning WHITE PC drones who react instantly against trigger words and word / race associations like Banana etc.

I dont have to defend myself against the allegation of Racism because i am NOT.

I am not going to talk about my background or my Black friends or the black artists who feature in my record collection or my attitudes or the even the food that i eat or anything else.

I am not going to do it anymore because its a massive cliche and even when i do exactly that i just get completely ignored by the well meaning ill educated WHITE PC Drones anyway.

No one can say i havent tried.

Anyway i dont have *any* guilt about being White and i dont have any guilt about being from a white privileged background either.

Why should i ?

You only live once so make the most of it.

Also i didnt choose to be born into a particular family.Thats lifes lottery and i had no say in the matter.

I am not going to discuss White Privilege with someone like Tim Wise either who while pointing out quite a lot of facts in his short essay seems to be on one big White guilt trip himself on someone elses behalf.

And for someone who is apparently a bigot and not a LibTard i have strongly condemned the treatment of detainees in Gitmo and the fact that they should have rights until *proven* guilty but dont.

Thats just a matter of common decency and the setting of standards.I.E to condone torture on a detainee who has not been charged as they are tecnically POWS makes you no better than the Taliban in Afghganistan for example.

I am no longer going to discuss any of these points with any of these White PC types as it is just one big waste of my time as they wont listen .

I am not going to point out to Tim Wise that there are far more disadvantaged Whites than Blacks in the US military from deprived backgrounds as it should be obvious.

Hang on a minute they are White and that doesnt count.

Talk to them about "White Privilege".

I am not going to talk to Tim Wise about how Black Radical churches in the US do a lot lot lot worse than just condemn America for its inherent Racial/socio/economic problems i promise you.

The reverse you might say of White KKK meetings .

Apologies but Tim Wises Apologist views regarding that matter dont cut any ice because he ignores them.

I am not going to discuss the hypocricy of reverse Racism with Tim Wise either.

I am not going to discuss with Tim Wise about how NOBama makes racist comments like "Typical White person ".

I am going to discuss how the wife of Obama was not attending the 911 memorial because she had to be "at home with her kids on their first day of school".I still cant work that one out .It would have only taken 1 hour of her time and anyway she could have pulled some strings or given the fact she has taken so much public money in the form of various commitees she is a member of etc etc who could easily have paid for childcare but since the kids where in school anyway that wasnt necessary.

I am not going to discuss with Tim Wise about how some sections of the African American [American]community do more to sabotage to themselves and their cause and others perception of than whites ever do.

I talk about the Rap/RnB music scene and the negative images and messages contained within.Drugs , gangs , violence etc etc.

Black / Hispanic on Black / Hispanic violence .

If they have no respect for each other then that doesnt exactly help their cause.

One example is particularly memorable : P Di[ckhead]ddy who in one of his "ObamaBlog 16" goes on a tirade against Sarah Pallin who is from Alaska.P Diddy then goes on to point out that there are "No crackheads - No Blacks - No crime" in Alaska as if to say that the 2 go hand in hand together.

What kind of message does this give out ?

Not a very good one but P Diddy is a role model for young Blacks and Whites alike .

PDiddy doesnt mind taking dirty white racist cash.

Does Obama distance himself from this idiot ?


I am not even going to mention how P Diddy really does nothing for the African Americans and doesnt even manufacture clothing for his clothing line in America and provide jobs in the US but instead has them made in South America by slave labour.

This is just one example of how certain sections of the Black Community are their own worst enemies.

Not everyone who is African American is disadvantaged either.There are plenty who

will tell you that.

I am not going to point out to Tim Wise the difference in someone who is a gun club enthusiast [Black or White] and gun crime and someone who is a gang member [black or White or whatever].

It should be obvious even to Tim Wise.

There is too much to cover here now.

So to sum up :

Regarding the Race issue in the US elections:

The Libtards are getting more and more desperate as they are losing ground because of reasons too numerous to list.

How do they deal with this issue ?

"If you dont vote for Obama YOU are Racist "

"A defeat for Obama is a victory for Racism "

etc etc etc etc.

What about policy ?

Who knows since he changes his mind every 5 minutes its anyones guess.

Since when was this campaign fought purely on Race ?

How pathetic and low to lay a collective guilt trip on White Americans and resort to emotional blackmail.

A lot of African Americans have seen right through NOBama anyway.Just ask them.

They arent all too stupid to realise that he doesnt represent their interests.

They arent all too stupid.

They dont all vote on skin colour.

If you dare.

"Vote Obama or you are Racist ! "

Isnt that also Racism ?

Its pitiful.

Surely those who preach equality etc should lead by example ?

A token vote on Race ?


The vast majority [some ARE Racist but they are in a minority] of Americans that are members of a political forum i post on are not voting for NOBama because of Policy NOT Race and they find the accusation that they are in fact Racist instead rather offensive.

Of course i wont mention about the very very very very rich white backers of NOBama either.

Does the name George Soros mean anything to any of you ?

The same George Soros who was responsible for sinking the GBP in the ERM in 1993 ?

[I could be wrong about the year but its a small detail]

What has George Soros ever done for Blacks /Minorities exactly ?


As for the rest of it all you lazy Libtards can look up the rest.

I am not going to listen to LeftTards/LibTards like Tim Wise any more as i am SICK of it.

They have no real solutions to a problem as they point things out but dont really understand the problem as in the bigger picture and they dont have an objective viewpoint as they are LibTards.

Their viewpoint is Loaded and biased and very simplistic.

And no i dont need a TARD like Tim Wise [ironic name] to tell me about White privilege thanks very much but half of his argument is about class not Race and i know quite a bit about class as well.

The LibTard gets confused.

I would rather debate this issue with African Americans than a White LibTard like Tim Wise.

He can just Fuck Off for all i care.

Stereotypical Libtard.

I am here to point out Racism /inverted Racism and it goes a lot further and is a lot bigger and works BOTH ways than a flippant childish comparison with someone who eats Bananas or doesnt eat Bananas.


Thats bullshit.

Yet i take Shit for that by these retards who wont even debate anyway and ignore everything i say that goes against what they think is right.

Fucking LibTards.

Grow up.

And i will also point out that its Libtards who smear me online.


Racist !

Racist !

Racist !

So FUCK OFF Time Wise and all of your ilk and your fake Nobama Racist Messiah.

YOU have NO credibility.

I am laughing at your community groups and your party ,and Joe Biden and your reverse Racism and your arrogant empty suit and your own behaviour and your supporters.

Fuck Off All OF You.

Get an Education.

And yes i am making fun of you everyday.

John F Kennedy and MLK would not even recognise the Libs today.

NoBama is not Black .

He is Arab American.

How many more Fucking times ?

Its also amazing how the LibTards attack Sarah Pallin far more than John McCain.

Sexism ?

[2 can play at this game]

She has had just as much Flak as NOBama but again like a typical Libtard you ignore it.

No One laughs at Sarah Pallin ?

Dont think so.

Its your own followers who refer to Sarah Palin as "White Trash" you useless no good fucking hypocrites.

And NO i dont feel *any* guilt for what happened during the slave trade either.

Do some research yourself and find out for yourself that Blacks and Arabs were conplicit in the slave trade as well as Whites.

I could go on but i am out of time.

Is it just Blacks who have been foreclosed on that are being denied a vote or is it Whites as well ?

The whites dont count of course.

By the way dont confuse the problems with Religion with the problems with Racism [although they overlap or are part of the same problem ] but if you do then at least in the spirit of fairness condemn the Black Racist churches that preach hate and genocide as well as the White Churches that either condemn others to Hell or preach Genocide.

Thats equality.

Thats fairness.

White Privilege ?

Hypocrites Privilege.

Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury.

NOBama has blocked , gagged , harassed and the rest and abused his power against those who dont support NOBama as any of the rest have.

Get your own White female running mate you idiots.

[correction i forgot to mention that NOBama used underhand tactics to eliminate his Black female running mate Alice Palmer from running against himself as a potential candidate]

Also regarding Hardship and the political point scoring on both sides then being a POW who was captured while seriously injured and who could have very easily been executed on the spot and dumped in a ditch but who was instead held prisoner in a POW camp and who sang like a Canary while earning extra privileges is worse than being subjected to a little bit of Racism but the Racism didnt do NObama any harm and he even made a career out of his "Blackness" and milked it and has lived off the system all his life and has never done a days physical work in his life.

Also McCain because of his stupidity has to live with the fact that he caused a horrific fire on a US aircraft carrier that caused about 140 deaths plus injured plus all of the material damage.

I am not defending McCain as i dont support McCain [i would never knowingly or otherwise support a political party that has been taken over by a cartel of criminal mafia] but i would imagine living with all of that is worse than what NOBama has ever had to go through.

I am White and privileged and i have done more physical work than NOBama ever has.

What about all the Whites that were harassed and forced from their homes and were banned from returning to by order of central government after Hurricane Katrina ?

They dont count because they are white.

In short it is White Libtard Privilege that is the problem [or one of anyway].

And no i wont apologise for Slavery because of guilt by association / skin colour either.I will condemn it but i wont apologise for it as i had nothing to do with it.

So you can Fuck Off with that as well and its my White Privilege to tell you to do so just like its yours to tell me i should feel guilty about it.

Raise the double standard !!

Stupid Hard Left Libs.

LMMFAO watching the Libs sabotage themselves over and over again !!

LMMFAO at Tim Wise !!

LMMFOA at the Libs !!

Every Day in Every Way !!

[Over on the political forum the in-house rabid hard left white LibTard was commenting on how badly ? treated the Gays , the Blacks ,and the Women are treated by the predominantly white bigoted ,gun toting , overly religious white rednecks in small town pennsylvania and that there arent *any* Libs in those places.

Someone from small town PA replied back to that comment to say that they all get along just fine and that there are also "many" Libs but the exact number of Hard Left LibTards was unknown in that area .There probably are hardly any or none.

LibTard must have felt stupid after that faux pas.

Being a Hard Left LibTard is a "White Privilege" and quite honestly they do more harm than good and their own innate superiority and righteousness gives them the right to try and tell everyone else how they should live.

The LibTard makes assumptions about places and people he knows nothing about.

This guy [Libtard] is a narcissistic Poser.

"Lasrever " from progressive California but resident of Amsterdam.

Probably smokes too much.

So narcissistic that he changes his avatar that always has a picture of himself in it to a new version of the same thing and who also has to post a video of himself winning an arm wrestling contest.

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