Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dont worry !! Be Happy !!

Let the Banks and securities firms go to the Wall !!

No bailouts !!

Time to start over again.

Its quite simple as several airlines have gone to the wall and been bought out and started again with no real problems.

NO MORE fakemoney !!

No One knows except the Fed how much fake money has been printed since 2006 !! except the FED obviously.They are creating more money out of thin air than at any time since 1776 !!

Government is too scared to say publicly.

Are they trying to collapse the economy deliberately and impose Martial Law and seize everything ?? They imposed Martial Law the other day actually but its not being enforced or it is not fully enacted.

I dont think they will dare but if they do all of their Blackwater Security operatives had better watch out thats all i can say and if the economy does crash the US people will want blood .THe US government wont keep the people down for long and the US government will panic and try to call in outside help probably.

No need for that as this can be solved peacefully i hope ??

Get the correct checks and balances in place on a political level to stop this happening again but just *make sure* the same old corrupt Bankster mafioso DONT buy up those businesses again .

Vet any potential buyer of businesses thoroughly but the downsides is foreign investment as here in the UK virtually everything is owned by foreign investment.

They wont have the cash after they have been bankrupted again or be legally able to run businesses again.

Let the market collapse and then watch it recover again within a year or so and watch all the independent buyers buy up everything.

Time to start over.

Out with the old in with the new NOT Out with the old in with the old.

Theres better minds than mine around that can sort this mess out properly.

Just dont listen to the scaremongering !!

Having said that we are on a knife edge and we are in uncharted territory now and no one really knows what is going to happen but this is history in the making and it could be good or bad.

There is a cold wind blowing and a storm building up thats for sure

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