Sunday, 7 September 2008


I feel a bit like i have ended a relationship today because of something or other yet painful decisions have to be made in the end.

Someone said i wasnt doing myself or anyone else any favours but i never did anyway so why change now ?

Its easier to just stop but it has left a bit of an empty hole which will probably go in a few days.No doubt its the same with the others as well and i will probably be missed as it just wont be the same there anymore.

It was one of the best and worse things i have ever done up until today when i stopped.

I just had to read between the lines to see what was going on and to be apologised to and insulted in the same sentence was really something but no one addressed the problem really and it became an issue about posting too much which was only half the story but the other side got off without any criticism but i know why that was.

And it was a distraction.

Still the haters can celebrate now.


  1. Ach, Peter, we all post too much. Folk just want you to tone it down and keep your madder rants (well) here. Like being told to stop shouting political opinions in a pub - no-one's forcing you to leave or barring you, they just want a bit of peace to enjoy their drinks. Plenty of us enjoy your posts when they're not quite so... extreme. Tordelback.

  2. Sort of agree with being too loud or whatever otherwise like i said the actual problem was not addressed or resolved in any way .

    I was smeared and slandered I>E Racist by the PCbrigade who added nothing except more name calling.My attempts to reason with the accusers were stonewalled and ignored by all others except 1 IIRC.

    Still anyway enough.

    I chose to leave and it was my decision and whats more there isnt anyone who can force me to do anything if i dont want to.I did the intelligent and decent thing by leaving as history will repeat itself later on probably as its inevitable i will say something else that someone else doesnt like.

    So bollox to it quite honestly.

    I cannot post there anymore because of what you might call irreconcilable differences between myself and others that were not resolved when the opportunity was present so they never will be.

  3. And further to that the boarder who started it and dragged the content that was here over to there and started it all fucks off again and is nowhere to be seen !!

    They can all have as much peace and quiet as they like and they might have enjoyed my posts or humour but they wont get any more of them.

  4. And this is after having a rethink not before.