Wednesday, 10 September 2008

self help:

Laughter is often the best medicene.

Find someone less fortunate than yourself that you dont like and laugh at them.

Ever wondered what kind of consciousness a Worm has ?

Stop it.

Just stop it.

Letting go :

Learn to let things go.

Let go of negative feelings and self hate.

Let go of your friends if you have any and let go of family members.

Let go of your possesions and all of the things that you love.

Let go of all of your money.

Let go of your house.

Let go of everything !!

You cant take any of it with you when you die.

Failure is only success waiting to happen.

The next time you feel you are a failure ,tell yourself "I'm waiting to happen"

Life treating you badly ?

Drawn the short straw in lifes lottery :

Depressed about it ?

Depression will get you nowhere and will only make it worse so either kill yourself or get over it.

Lonely ?

You are never lonely if you choose to be alone.

The next time you see all those people over the road having a party or next time you walk past a busy pub on a friday night just be glad that you are not in there yourself with them listening to their bullshit and watching them trying too hard to hide their insecurities.

Achievements or lack of ?

Keep trying !!

But remember to keep things in perspective and never try to overreach yourself and be realistic about your abilities.

If it looks like you will never achieve anything just give up instead as its no use flogging a dead horse.

Millions and millions and millions arrive and depart from this planet without making any difference whatsoever and who achieve nothing.

Its nothing to be ashamed of.

Ugly ? Unhappy about your appearence ?

Dont worry about it.

There is always someone uglier and more unpleasent to look at than yourself.

The flipside is that there is always someone who is far more attractive and beautiful than you as well.

Unpopular ?

Not liked by anyone ?

No one has to like you if they dont want to.

Avoid people.

Got no money or access to money from rich family members for example ?

Tough shit.

Try the lottery.

Ever thought about the cosmic oneness of life and the universe ?

Ever found yourself thinking about what life would be like if you were an insect or a leaf on a tree or a burger flipper at McDonalds ?

Give it up.

You have way too much time on your hands and you need to find something more useful to fill your time with.

Ever wondered what the point of life is and whats it all about ?

For you there is NO point.

Stop wasting your own time trying to find one.

Going for a walk is a good way to get away and think about a problem you are having.

Keep walking and dont come back.

Leave all your problems behind.


Ever thought about that ?

Ask others that know you and see if they can help with the questions you want answered.

If you dont know anyone try asking complete strangers in the street.

If they dont know and you still havent worked it out then you are essentially screwed.

Tired of always being a "victim" ?

Do you always find yourself thinking why is it *always* me ?

Solve this by going out and picking on a complete stranger at random .

Inflict GBH on them and enjoy the satisfaction that someone else is a victim for once.

Feels good doesnt it ?

Do you want to experience the cosmic oneness of the universe and warm feeling of the connection that is universal love for everything that is connected by it ?

Go to the local park and find a nice grassy space preferably with a few trees around.

Lie down and close your eyes and free your mind and drift away .

Feeling the warm sensation of cosmic love all over your body ?

Wake up from your meditation to check wether you have been pissed on by a Dog.

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