Saturday, 20 September 2008


Financial News :


Share prices fell sharply ,hurt themselves and got up again ,made a quick recovery and bounced back a little too hard and went through the roof this morning.

All trading has been suspended after the FTSE lost its footing while the share prices are recovered.


Traders who work on the floor of the stock exchange are losing a total of a 1/4 - 1/3 of working time due to frequent visits to the bathroom which severely disrupts trading.Bosses have now warned that Cocaine use is suspended during times of trading.

A flurry/blizzard of activity followed this announcement which was followed by a gradual slowdown in trading and a levelling of share prices.

The atmosphere on the trading floor was calm at the end of the days trading.


Electric Fish is arrested after being implicated in Wall Street insider trading scam.


Share prices rallied this Monday morning after a slow start but later rocketed when financial analysts said that the outlook was not as gloomy as predicted however later on a shock announcement by Bear Stards and Moregain - Stanlaurel - Dean Twatter were bankrupt.Shares tumbled and dropped through the floor which has sent shockwaves throughout the financial district which rocked Wall ST to its very foundations.


The shock announcement of the NOBama tax plans have placed Wall St in a state of high alert.

"Just make sure you guys at Diebold make sure those voting machines dont screw up !!"

[Seriously this will be really interesting as civil unrest is expected if the DemoTwats lose.I cant wait to see all those Leftard vegan minority Tofu munchers go on the rampage.Its more interesting than TV or whatever.They are all frothing at the mouth over Sarah Palin.Watch the donations to the republican Party get bigger and bigger.

I dont recognise the Democrat party anymore.Not since the LibTards took over it.]


The US government has promised financial aid to US citzens: The US government has announced that USD are to be distributed amongst the citzens of the US.The cash will be distributed from designated wealth redistribution zones and points throughout the US.

The cash [an as yet undecided amount - to be approved by Congress [That might not be a good idea as if they decide how much and who gets it then it will all go to minorities/Non whites]by government and will be redistributed on a first come - first served basis.Also cash contained in sacks will fall out of the sky after it has been dropped out of US Airforce transport planes at random locations throughout the US every other hour for a duration of 14 days.There will be no charge to the US citzens or additional taxes for this financial aid.

Tough Times ahead for Wall ST :

Wall street traders were found to be planning a mass strike and walkout due to their grossly inadequate pay and conditions.They were warned by bosses that all strike action/protest would be futile as they would all be out of a job next week anyway.Those whose jobs were more secure or in senior positions were warned however that in the forseeable future they would not be receiving any additional cash awards on top of their already existing additional cash awards and that they would no longer be able to claim lunches ,dinners,cocaine,prostitutes ,limousines,private jets,etc etc as expenses.

Bankers get the rap for bad investment decisions on Wall st:

Bankers were criticised this week for the collapse on Wall St recently.

Thats it.

They were criticised.

They should think themselves lucky that they have all been bailed out and get to keep their jobs and pay courtesy of the US taxpayer.

They were told in no uncertain terms that they had been very naughty and were sent home early after getting a slap on the wrist each .

Business as usual for the untouchable Wall St royalty.

Democrat mass blame shifting and denial of causing Wall ST crash:

The Democratic party in the US is denying any responsibility for causing the collapse of mortgage giants Fannie Crack and Freddies Gay by "politicising" their lending practices.

The NOBama DemoTwats denied this just the same way they deny everything else if it doesnt suit them.

Footsie Index :

The Dollar was down even more against the Yen.The Pound was down even more against the Dollar and up by just a very small amount against the Yen.The Euro was up and down and up and down all day and just couldnt makes its mind up where it was.It ended up against the Dollar much to its surprise while it completely ignored the Yen while the Pound remained static.

No news on other currencies as no one is interested in them.

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