Thursday, 25 September 2008

The aforementioned Nazis :

What do you do with them ?

A film called American History X kind of put a different perspective on it.If you have seen it then you will know what i mean.I am not apologising for them but out of say 100 Neo Nazis there might be a handful of them who are not inherently evil but just very misguided for lots of different reasons and somehow get sucked into the whole ideaolgy without really thinking about what it is that they are actually involved in.By that i mean the politics of it all.I doubt very much that any of them have any in depth understanding of the politics of Nazism apart from the obvious.

How many of them are just gullible and not all that bright and just sort of Lost ?

What do you do with them ?

Condemn them ?


Moving on from that is there any way that at least some of them could be re-educated or re-habilitated ?

Thats a very liberal attitude to have towards them.

However can you have a Liberal attitude to something that is evil like Nazism or nazi sympathisers ?

Have any of these Nazi sympathisers actually murdered or harmed others in support of their beliefs ?

If x amount of them have then the answer is self explanatory but if they havent then to be fair they do have a right to free speech and do have a right to express themselves and even publish a certain amount of hate speech because hate speech is legal providing it is not directly or possibly even indirectly inciting violence.Like it or not that is the law and how the law recognises and defined legal or illegal hate speech.

Just to spoonfeed it i am not apologising for them or in the liberal perspective saying "Poor things its not their fault etc etc" like the Hard Left say about fundamentalist Islam for example.

What i am saying is obvious.

Its easy to become what you Hate by saying DEATH to ALL Nazis for example.

Where does the line stop in regard to free speech and free expression ?

I would say myself that Nazism is where the line is drawn.

Its not though as you can visit the American Nazi party website your self.You can join them and even download a copy of Mein Kampf yourself.

If Nazism is abhorrent then i will say the same about the Hard Left/communism as well.As far as i am concerned Communism is Abbhorent as well or at least the style of Communism that has manifested itself so far in history.

If i said i am a Nazi sympathiser i would expect to be condemned yet if i say i am a Communist then i most probably wont be.

A contradiction surely ?

Of course Communism does have its fair share of apologists who will say that Communism was a deviation from the ideaology of Marx but i will say that it is a logical "Progression" [couldnt resist that swipe at the Left] from Marxism/Socialism due to the general fucked upness of Human nature as you would have to be hopelessly naive to ever think that any government is going to run a country based on the true principles of Communism.

I could go off now on many different tangents here regarding Nazism but i dont have the time.

Ultimately they just go on and on and on and on about Immigration etc etc .

They argue from the point of view of purity of race but i and anyone will just argue from the point of view of numbers.

Its common sense to anyone that to have unchecked immigration into ones own country is really not very sensible and it does harm to the host country in the long term.It is also wrong and irresponsible for a government like in the UK for example to allow this to happen as unchecked immigration is the best way to destabilise a country.

All i am saying is is just allow a set quota of immigrants into a country at any one time in a non discriminatory way of course.However its swings and roundabouts as for example a lot of Poles are moving back to Poland as the economic situation in Poland is on the up as it always is when a new country joins the EU.They get loads and loads of cash thrown at them and investment then after a while like Ireland the econom,y slows down as less cash trickles in or they are affected by broader economic cycles.

I just think an open door policy on immigration is stupid and the UK is already the most densely populated country in Europe.

How many people can you fit into your house at any one time without it being impossible to move in there ?

Its the same thing but on a broader scale.

However the solution to unchecked immigration is NOT Nazism.

Having a commonsense policy on Immigration IS a solution to unchecked immigration.

NAzism is a solution for Nothing.

National Socialism is a failed ideaology.

Communism is a failed ideaology.

Socialism/Marxism is a failed ideaology.

The only Ism that is in any way successful is Capitalism.

Its not a fair system but it is far far less harmful than all of those other isms above.

The mess in the US with their economic system is because Socialism was introduced into a capitalist system that was unchecked."Lets lend money to poor people so they can buy their own houses with no security !!".Not a bad idea but the banks do insist on predatory lending and the payment of interest on that loan.If they want to lend money to poorer people so they can buy their own home instead of renting then it would have made sense to give them a much lower rate of interest or some kind of part ownership scheme where they pay a rent that pays off the mortgage or the bank owns a half share that is an investment for themselves.I dont know but the whole thing was a Left wing liberal experiment [fairness] that was not thought out correctly and then greed was factored into the equation.I dont hear very much talk about predatory lending going on at the moment.

It failed because all of the lenders/banks jumped on the bandwagon of sub prime mortgages instead of allowing them to be a small percentage of their business.

Capitalism + socialism + class envy = disaster.

The blame for this mess IS the fault of the LeftTards/Democrats who are up to their necks in it with Lobbying etc,Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac etc.

It goes wrong and the Leftards blame Capitalism as being the problem !!

Staggering !!

I really am going to RIP them to shreds very shortly over this and other things.

The Leftards say it happened because of lack of regulation .

[Partly] Correctofuckingmundo !!

It was *partly* caused by lack of regulation and thats because the DemoTards in congress blocked any proposed legislation from the Republicans for more regulation EVERY SINGLE TIME !!!

And then they blame the Republicans and deny all responsibilty !!!

I bet Fannie + Freddie are busy paper shredding |!!

I bet the Democrat Party are busy paper shredding !!

Get it done before the FBI get their hands on it !!

However this is only Half of the story.

The other half of the story does not involve banks , Fannie and Freddie ,Demotards,or anything else but it involves PEOPLE.

But like i keep saying over and over and over NOBAMA and all the rest of those LefTard Trash are totally unfit to run a country like the US.Totally Unfit.

Whats the solution they offer ?

Tax the wealthy !!

Not the super rich or the elites as they dont pay taxes either way but tax those lower down who are still rich compared to those who are lower down the social scale.

Taxing those who have businesses and create employment and who work hard to set up businesses etc and create jobs etc etc or who study hard and get qualifications who get to be well paid professionals who also create employment significantly more to pay for this FUCK UP .

Taxing the [relativly] Rich or better off NEVER EVER EVER helps the poor but even less so if the DemoTards get their hands on the taxes as they will just piss it ALL away on their stupid "Lets stop poverty !!" schemes [6 trillion !!] and the Social Security Pyramid scheme and then the Democrats blame it on the Iraq war !!

The Democrats saying that the Iraq War is draining the economy is like a Whore accusing her client of Infidelity.

THis whole thing is a scam and its a scam that the Republicans want to push the cost of this onto the taxpayer.

There is a collective bank account or fund or money pool that i just cannot think of the name of that is joint owned by all of the richest industrialised nations that is known to contain by a conservative guess or known estimate 70 Trillion USD ? [I need to backtrack to confirm this amount and the details] that is some sort of emergecy fund that somehow never seems to get spent on emergencies and just gets bigger and bigger.Some sort of IMF /world bank thing IIRC.

So why dont they have a whip round and find the 70 billion that way instead of from taxpayers or why dont the FED just print 70 billion out of thin air ?

70 billion is small change out of 70 trillion.

Bad for inflation - Bad for business - blah blah blah.


You mark my words on that.

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