Thursday, 25 September 2008

Irritating Loser / GodpLoserTon:

Life does and always will include irritating little Shits.

I probably am irritating to some.

Really i shouldnt be this petty BUT just this once : This guy doesnt really piss me off but he just annoys me a bit but just how irritated should i be about a shallow little 20 something FuckTard from Milton Keynes ?

Cheeky little Monkey.

I post "Inane" crap ?

Inane crap or whatever it is he couldnt do it if he tried because he cant string that many words to gether at any one time.


So easy to pick up a word like that and use it without understanding its meaning.

You hypocritical soppy juvenile little Fucker .


Axe to grind.

I think that he is frustrated about his own inadequacies and lacks the vocabulary to articulate himself and say what he really thinks or doesnt want to.

Self Loathing ?


Inane or not whatever as i dont care he can just enjoy the fact that he cant and never will even if he could post as much "inane" crap as i did .

Unbroken record in a year and a half.

At least he doesnt cut and paste etc

He has nothing to say about anything and struggles to type more than a paragraph of English.He has NO wit or humour whatsover and just posts his tired slightly psychotic mantra of "You have to kill someone [doesnt say how many exactly] ,get a teardrop tattoo ,and be naked on sundays [to become a member of a forum].At other times he goes on about how he is "awesome" and that sort of thing .Sort of slightly retarded because you might think that someone in their twenties might have grown up just a little bit from the behaviour of a teenager but clearly not in this case.

"I am naked because i killed God !!"

Name change from Simpleton to Godpleton.

"Youre all lucky"

Yes we are really lucky that you dont post any more of your trying too hard inane crap.Really Lucky.

He even admits that he relies more on images than words.

No surprise there.

Always a periodically changing little soundbite/signature as well that is never really anything different to "Taco flavoured Kisses " or some kind of weird abstract crap.

I can tell that he is trying hard to establish a position for himself and a personality for himself but it isnt really working that well and i am enjoying watching him back himself into a corner more and more.He wants to belong and seeks approval from others as he wants to be popular.

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