Monday, 29 September 2008

No bailout !! :

HA !!!!!

No way Jose.

Those bankers must be pissed off but their greed knows no end and even they fail to realise that printing more and more mickey mouse money will actually hurt themselves as well.

Close down the federal reserve or relaunch it after taking it out of the hands of the criminal Banksters who own it as it has been going on far too long.Stop producing cash out of thin air and then lending it out plus interest.

Get the Rockefellers [bauers] etc etc to give back the money that they have stolen or better than that arrest them all and seize their assets and redistribute them where they belong.Arrest all agents of them as well.These Banksters have owned the doillar printing machine since 1913 and no doubt the same thing has happened in europe and the UK but as far as i know the bank of england has more sound footing.

However the US is a giant company in itself that is owned by the banking elites who operate out of the square mile of the City of London.To understand this you have to understand how and what the US was founded by and what principles it was established on.

Its also interesting to note that the EU is pushing for all banks in europe to be centralised or monitored by a central EU oversight which is a bit rich considering the HUGE financial black holes in the EUs own accounts not forgetting that they havent had their accounts audited in 13 years !!

This is all because of the criminal banking elites etc who own and control governments and who are the cause of most of the misery on this planet today.

Everything leads back to the core half a dozen banking families who work in the shadows.

This really has to stop and there has to be a better way.

Dismiss this as rubbish if you like but that only proves your own ignorance.

Congress finally shows it has learnt something and that is propping up the economy with more worthless cash isnt going to solve anything and that was proved back in 1929.

Bad news Bankers and my friend above.

No free 700 billion that the taxpayers have to pay for while further diluting the value of the dollar .

Failure of Capitalism ??

Dont think so.Its a failure of Leftist Democrats who stick their left wing idiotic oar into a Capitalist system and who very nearly screwed it all up and then blamed it all on Republicans.

Thery started it with Fannie and Freddie back in the days of the Clinton administration and have continued to make it worse.

However 98% of Democrats voted against the bailout so what the hell is going on ??

I need time to make sense of all this.

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