Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Oi !!!! Nazi Sympathisers ! Oi ! Over ere you fucking bald bastards !!

Nazi Ignorant Skineads meet up for anniversary of Ian Stuart Donaldson [singer with Skrewdriver] who died sometime in the 90s.Thats good isnt it ?

Better off dead anyway in my opinion.

Shit band , shit singer , shit songs ,shit everything really.

The only good Nazi Skinead is a dead one.

Thugs plain and simple and like anyone else like them or Racists every problem imaginable is someone elses fault and never theirs.

Its the thug psychology that appeals to Nazi Skineads.I wonder how many of them are closet queers ?

Nazi ideaology was a total and complete failure.

Nazism is for Failures and its interesting that Hitler and co themselves looked like they were rejects themselves.Just look at their pictures.Hardly a good advertisment for racial superiority were they ?

Vermin.Actually its not fair to insult vermin like that not even Cockroaches.


They must have all had brain operations as all of their heads are shaved.

"We are white werkin klass and ignorant praad ov it !"

Yeah and you are a minority as well.

"Me and my mates look up to Itler we like Itler cos we are like really Fik an all that.Fukin great Itler was"

It would have been great to take up a position overlooking the campsite with a silenced snipers rifle and take potshots at them and use them as target practice.

"I think i will shoot the thick looking bald one next .Which thick looking bald one ? They all look the same "

Shoot the fuckers or invite over a hundred or so Jamaican Yardies from Brixton.

There is a certain type of genetic mix that produces these retards .Anglo saxon and something else i cant remember the name of but its common throughout the English population but predominantly working class.

Viking - scandinavian blood like mine is far far superior to those rejects.

Why was the pub serving them ? I would have asked them to leave and not come back.

Inferior genetics anyway as their lack of intelligence proves.Personally i would have them sterilised or put down.

Its what they would like to do to others as they advocate that because they advocate Nazism.


  1. Spoken like a true Nazi!

  2. Jesus Christ !!

    Irony !!

    Deliberate !!

    I must remember to spoonfeed it !

  3. Unless you were being ironic as well !

    A final solution for Nazis !