Friday, 26 September 2008


Fuck This.

Fuck Identity cards.

Fuck the EU.

Fuck em all.


I am just going to ignore any request that i should have an EU or UK identity card.


Gender : What the Fuck do i look like to you ?

Personal data : Fuck Off.

Machine readable code : Fuck You.

Remarks : Fuck You.

Microchip Data : Go Fuck yourself.

Dynaprint Security Feature : Go Fuck Yourself.

Biometric Data : None of your fucking business.

Fuck LeftTard EU traitor sellout C Chinless wonder Jacqui smith.

"Your papers please "


These fucking people make me ANGRY.

They have got another thing coming and i will NOT submit to this.

I am not a fucking number or a security code either.

FRY the fucking things in a Microwave.

Finally nothing goes under my skin unless i say so.


Assimilate This

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