Friday, 12 September 2008

MMmmmmmm Nice Bananas ! :

MMMMMmmmmmm i like a Banana now and again.

MMmmmm tasty......

Funny shape as well.

When i lived in the tropics i used to eat lots of Bananas but they are different to the Bananas that you get here.

The Bananas i used to eat grew in bunches but they were about half/2 thirds of the size and a lot greener than the large yellow overipe Shite that you get here.

I never had to pay for them either.Banana trees were everywhere and i could eat as many as i liked.

Next to our house was a whole load of Banana Trees and Paw Paw [like a Mango] trees as well as Coconuts which woulfd just drop from the tree on their own [stand under the tree at your own risk].

The coconuts were something else.

You havent lived until you have drunk the milk from the inside of a fresh coconut.

You need a small machete or very large knife to slice the top of it off as the outer green bit that surround the coconut is very tough and fibrous.

Alternativly at the top of the Coconut on the bit that it was attached to the tree with is a weak point that you can punch through to make a hole.

Drink the lovely milk and then slice the coconut open and eat all that lovely sweet juicy flesh inside.

Again not like the Shite you get here.Totally different.

Also there Cocoa plantations around where i used to pick raw cocoa that grew from trees.Cocoa pods were bright reddish orange and when you cut them open the inside of the pods were white and so were the beans.sort of white and sticky but once exposed to the air would turn brown very quickly.

I can still taste it and sort of smell it now.

Plus the beautiful salty smell of the sea and mornings or whenever when the tide was right out and i used to beachcomb for seashells.

Shut up and have a Banana.

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