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Government reply to official petition against the Lisbon Treaty

Wednesday 20 August 2008
LTPD07 - epetition response

We received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to let the people decide on the future relationship between Britain and the European Union and not pass through new treaties without consulting the voters.”

Details of Petition:

“Ever since Britain joined the Common Market in 1973, more and more powers have been handed to Brussels without the voters being granted a referendum. Now that huge elements of the EU Constitution are being brought in by the new ‘Reform Treaty’, it is time for the British people to have their say on our future relationship with the EU. I say, Let the People Decide.”

Read the Government’s response :

"The Government believes that EU Membership is firmly in Britain’s national interest, and remains committed to ensuring that the EU is focussed on adding value for its citizens.

Our membership of the EU has brought real benefits in jobs, peace and security. Through it, we belong to the world’s biggest trading bloc. Half the UK’s trade is now within the EU, with an estimated 3.5 million British jobs linked to it. Our membership allows us to live, work and travel across Europe and to receive free medical care if we fall sick on holiday. And each citizen benefits in ways that are harder to quantify in cash terms, such as a cleaner environment, trade deals negotiated by the EU, and better security.

There was a referendum on UK membership of the European Economic Community in June 1975, which was passed in favour of membership. Thereafter, each Treaty change has been approved by the democratically elected British Parliament. No government, Labour or Conservative, has ever held a referendum on an amending European treaty. Parliament remains the correct place for debate and decision on such treaties".

The second paragraph i mostly agree with but there is one matter that was being addressed by the petition which was also the main point of it.

That being the transfer of power from the UK to the EU instead.

Which was completely ignored in the 3rd paragraph.

Notice how this issue has been totally ignored in the government reply.Its like they chose to ignore it deliberatly and chose to focus on how much better off everyone is and all that that are all valid points and all are correct except for the fact that if this country was not in the EU ,this country would be better off if it wasnt in the EU at all as it wouldnt be constantly paying into it.

That has never been my position regarding the EU at all anyway.

Mine is just the handover of power to the EU.

That is all.

So to be realistic this is exactly the kind of reply that i expected.

A typical reply that i expect from this government and one that skirts around the issue in question.A reply that is ultimatly condescending in its attitude to those who signed the online petition.A reply that is typical of a reply that you get from the Left.

A reply that makes its point of saying how democratic the government is but forgets to say how it broke an election promise that it made to citzens of the UK.

Parliament "remains" the correct place to debate etc etc.

There was no real debate in parliament as any debate that doesnt follow the party line and support the Lisbon Treaty was very quickly ended.

They dont mention how there was a three line whip or whatever you call it that was there to coerce the more unruly and anti EU MPs into voting YES instead of NO.

How very democratic.

Typical Left.

Typical Liberals.

Typical of Socialism.

Stupid Tossers.There hasnt ever been the need to amend a treaty that was thrown out before.

Typical Spin that i expect from this government.

Typical Left.

Its typical that this government fails to answer one simple question.A question that the EU has so far failed to answer itself.It cant even justify its own existance beyond money and power.

Typical Left.

They say themselves that we are members of the worlds largest Trading Bloc.

If this is so which it is then why the need for centralised government ?

Why does a trading bloc need to have a centralised government ?

This is the issue that has been ignored by the government reply to the petition.

Typical Left.

Typical Left who wont debate.

Typical Left who lie.

Typical Left are too ChickenShit to have Referendums on the Lisbon Treaty.

Typical Left who treat the electorate with Contempt.

Typical Left who call anyone who does not go along with them a "Nazi" and "Extremist" and even "Mentally Ill".

Typical Left who insist on imposing their failed Socialist ideology on everyone.

Typical Left who use deception and deceit to push their agenda and takeover.

Typical Left who dont even mention Democracy in its reply to the petition.

Typical Left who think that quoting that they have created 3.5 million UK jobs then that is all that matters.

Typical Left who think that free healthcare abroad is all that matters.

Typical Left who think that More Security is all that matters.

Typical Left who think that Democracy and Sovereignty dont matter.

Typical Left who always think they know best.

Typical Left who steal power and then say you are better off.

Typical Left who have failed to learn from history books and who still believe that
Totalitarianism works.

Typical Left who say "There is good reason that EU Member states dont have direct democracy".

Typical Left who while indulging themselves in their pet subject "Diversity" actually destroy Diversity.

Typical Left who think we are all better off being nannied to death under Socialism.

Typical Left whose own game plan they cant even defend in a debate.

Typical Left who say we are "Better off" while they themselves have stolen billions from Taxpayers in EU member states.

Typical Left who steal power in increments hoping that no one will notice.

Typical Left whose own arrogance will be their own undoing.

Typical Left who stop at nothing to Destroy Democracy.

Typical Left who have no regard for the rule of law and who rewrite it themselves.

Typical Left who have no respect and no common decency.

Typical Left whose own ideology only ever results in failure.

Typical Left who think everyone else is an idiot except themselves who are the real idiots.

Typical Left who think that centralisation is the answer to Everything.

Typical Left who cant think for themselves out of the Hive Mind.

Typical Left who preach Socialism but dont mind feeding from the trough of public money and making off with as much cash as they can and lining their own pockets.

A poor turnout for the petition as well which collected just under 11,000 signitures.


I recognised one or 2 names though and 1 was Trevor Horn [record producer].

Fuck NAZI German Socialist Totalitarianism.

Abolish the Lisbon Treaty and kick out the Nazi power grabbing EuroTrash.

Fuck the EU 'Benevolent' Dictatorship.

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