Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hadron collider and the secret Hadronandonandondron collider:

Nothing to report here.

No black holes.

No big bang.

No alternate realities.

A waste of time and money.

Typical arrogant scientists.

You cannot recreate the big bang in controlled conditions because it cannot be done because God created the universe and only God knows how to do that.


God must be up there watching and thinking "What are those silly humans up to this time ??"

"No NO No thats never going to work !!

I actually did think that i was in alternate reality because when i was in the
Off Licence i misread the little price label that was explaining the deal on buying multiples of bottled cider.

I thought it said 6 bottles for 5.50 which seemed a bit odd as it seemed very cheap.

I actually thought that i was in an almost identical reality to this one until it was pointed out that the deal was for 3 bottles not 6.


Back to reality again.

FatBoy Slim is still a Pisshead.

Nothing ever changes.

"The End Is Nigh !!"

The end is always nigh.Shut up and go back to sleep or increase the strength of your medication.

Now here is the serious bit:

Conspiracy theory/ FACT :

[The picture is top top highly highly classified info that has been leaked.I am compromising myself by publishing it.]

I just want to get the information out to as many as possible about what is really happening.We all have a right to know.

If you study the picture you can clearly see something at the other end through the circular opening.

Could this be the first ever glimpse of an alternate reality ?

Perhaps i am now in an alternate reality that is identical to this one ??

I havent felt right all day and i just cant help the feeling that things just arent quite right.

Everything seems more or less the same but there is something different about everything that i just cant put my finger on.

Also i was getting very different messages and signals from the tinfoil hat today as well.I even went as far as to make a new tin foil listening device in case the original was faulty but i still got the same messages and signals.


Something isnt right.

Not quite sure what but i think something is going and the government arent telling us about it.Its definatly a cover up and the Hadron collider is a smokescreen and a distraction to what is really happening.

The government had to keep it quiet to avoid mass panic among the people.

Thats what they always do .

I have been informed by reliable sources that i cannot disclose that the government were conducting similar experiments elsewhere on a much much larger scale [about 100 times bigger] in the Nevada desert using a similar device to the Hadron set up but the secret device that was constructed using reverse engineered alien technology [An intergalactic - interdimensional - Big Bang/black Hole Inducer -paricle unstabiliser ] known as a Hadronandonandondron.

This explains where all the taxes and all the cash that the EU has lost has been spent on.

It has been going on since the 1950s.

Some Scientists that have been working on it havent seen daylight for 40 or 50 years.

Some of them have disappeared altogether.

They have been entering other dimensions for years and bringing back technology like mobile phones , computers , and Ipods/mp3 players and then selling them back to us at a vast profit to fund further research and development.

All the large corporations like Apple , Microsoft , and Sony are all part of the conspiracy.

We pay for it and they dont even tell us about it !!

The Hadron collider was just a distraction for the media etc.

More government lies.

No one has noticed the transition because time and space have no meaning in the time it takes to depart one reality into another.

More info soon !!!

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