Saturday, 27 September 2008

Help the Estate Agent :

3 estate agents in the village as it were that i live in have closed down in the last couple of months.

I am asking you all just to stop what you are doing and spare a thought for the unemployed Estate agent.

Does anyone even care about them ?

Does anyone even bother to even contemplate what happens to them once they close the door on their once thriving little business for the final time ?

It breaks my heart every time i see a "Lease for sale" on their premises and look inside the window and see the empty desks and chairs and filing cabinets and a bit like a ghostly re-enactment i can still see the junior estate agents sitting there inside with their sticking up boy band hairstyles and shiny navy blue suits.I can almost still see the smart cars and Mini coopers Ford Focus cars outside emblazoned with company logos outside.

I wont miss seeing Halls estate agents with their vile black and yellow Logo.Black and yellow is the worst colour combination i can think of.

Its a cause for concern.

Everyone just goes on with their business without a second thought as to what happens to them.

Where do they go to ?

What Does happen to them ?

What happens to the pot plants that used to decorate the office ?

They spring up everywhere when the housing markets is on the up out of nowhere and they disappear just as quickly as if they go into hibernation until the market picks up again.

Why not adopt an unemployed estate agent and make a difference ?

I am shortly going to launch a "spare a thought for the Estate agent" day to campaign and raise awareness for these poor unfortunate unloved despised individuals .

No one loves you when you are down and out and its even worse than that for estate agents as none loves them anyway.

I guess they could just get a real job that is constructive or useful and do some work for once in their useless lives.Parasites who establish a position for themselves that they believe is an essential service and aim to do as little as possible for as much as possible.Lazy useless fuckers they are.

Estate Agent for sale

New instruction

Reduced !!

Estate agent for sale :

"I will put this one up at 499,995 and see who bites and if i get interest from buyers then i will lie to them and say that i have just this morning had an offer on this particular estate agent for five -one -five-nought -nought -nought.Make an offer of 550 k and you can take him home with you now as the seller wants a quick sale and is happy to accept the highest offer.

This estate agent benefits from this and that and the other and has 2 legs and 2 arms ,not very bright and neutral decor.He is not used to physical work so he will need breaking in slowly as he has been mostly used to doing Fuck All all day.A compact and bijou size and recently converted".

QUICK!! Buy before he gets re-possessed !!

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  1. Very true - Peter. Estate agents, along with accountants, policemen/women, bankers and salespeople are beyond reproach. In my opinion, anyone who demonstrates tendancies to work in these professions should be "spade" like cats, thus preventing them from breeding and ruining the worlds of civilised people. Cheers Max