Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Young 2000ad reader

When i was a young 2000ad reader about 12 or something like that i didnt know anything about radiation or nucleur power apart from what i read in 2000ad. judge Dredd etc.I said to my dad who was involved in designing or helping to design a nucleur power station in Dungeness in Kent ,could he bring home some spent reactor rods !!!!!!!! .This was thought by everyone else to be a very bad idea ! " Why not ? " " They are very bad for you and will make you very ill with radiation sickness " " Yes but you would just have to go into the decontaminating room and shower off " " No dont be silly wherever did you hear that ? " "2000ad and Judge Dredd of course ! " "Well they are wrong ! I dont have time to explain anymore now . I think i know a bit more about it than a bloody comic does so take my word for it ok "

End of conversation.

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