Monday, 9 July 2007

Joanna Lumley

A long time ago i went to the memorial service for Russel Harty at St.martins in the fields in london. It was just a day out with my mum who had some reason to go there. Outside the entrance a black cab pulled up and joanna Lumley got out of the taxi.

I have just never forgotten how amazing she looked all dressed in black.

Its amazing how some things just stay with you.

Also we used to sometimes go to the Kings Road in Chelsea just to sit outside a cafe just to watch all the New Romantics walk past as it was at that time we went there.


  1. i remember reading something yearss back about how the stereotypical man lusted after young twenty-somethings, and they attempted to dissprove it by carrying out a survey on who the adverage man would like to take out on a date. the majority chose joanna lumley because she was funny and nice and the fact that she was getting on a bit didn't bother them at all.

  2. It wasnt so much that i lusted after her it was just the fact she looked and carried herself so elegantly.

    Well mostly that anyway.

    Although i dont think the occ
    sion was Russel Harty as that was years later but i cant remember who had died then but it was the same place but early 80s . Phew !