Tuesday, 3 July 2007

cowboy builders

An aquaintance of mine, Susie had the builders i mean cowboys in. what a total fucking disaster. She was almost in tears over it. Everything was wrong. .Everything. The tiling in the kitchen was the * worst * i have ever seen. .Her 2 year old daughter could have done better. .The law dictates that they must be allowed back in again to rectify the work before you take them to court. So we will see. I am in the background making sure that they dont try it on with her because if they do ...... .When i had my only dispute with a client over work being supposedly substandard i dont remember being given my chance to rectify the work. . So i lost 5000 quid. I took them to the small claims court and won a total of 300 quid. . Still they didnt get off scot free either as they had to sell up and leave Brighton for good due to myself not being paid. I am not saying how but you cant let the cheats get away with it can you ? Well i dont anyway.

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