Monday, 9 July 2007


I have been investigating a Furry forum to see what its all about.

At the moment i am not sure about what it is that motivates these people and their need for a Furry alter ego. .Some of what i have read i can relate to but theres a lot i cant as well. Particularly role playing etc.

If you were to say why ? then there has to be a conscious need for it. Why is it ?
Well why is someone gay? Why is someone not gay ? . Why is someone big ? why is someone small ? . I could go on.

Wolves are by far the most common furry alter ego.

With some it just seems to be another way to express another side of themselves or the same side but in a different way.

It all seems very harmless to me.

You also get Theanthropes as well but they are an opposing faction to furrys.

Theanthropes believe that they can shapeshift into their animal of choice or mentally shift into their animal of choice.

These people are viewed with suspicion by Furries. Mental illness is often alluded to by Furries in regard to Theanthropes.

It is yet another thing that has never been witnessed as Theanthropes cannot shapeshift if you ask them to of course.

From what i have read so far i can find very little i can relate to with either although its early days yet. But i am not prepared to take Theanthropes seriously at all until i see it for myself.

I have never "shifted"

I dont feel the need to have a cuddly furry alterego either.

I dont know where i fit into it all as i dont fit the criteria for either so far especially the latter.

In my case it is just something that never goes away.
Its something that i feel running through my veins. Its the way i move and look and feel and act. I sort of feel alive in nature.

It probably sounds very wierd in print but the reality of it isnt wierd at all as no one here thinks i am wierd but they dont know what i have posted here but then i dont care who knows it anyway.

Yet i feel human as well . Very much so.

I am definatly not mentally ill and there is no history of mental illness in my family either.

Maybe i shouldnt be so honest.

Maybe i just dont care.

I did talk to an Astrologer of all people and i told them i was Leo Ascendant and several other houses in Leo as well which they said was a lot . Leo ascendant is itself a very powerful thing far more than Leo by birthday..

I think this explains it perfectly although to a certain extent it depends how seriously you take it.

Also the Animal in me test said a lot as well.

It certainly explains my behaviour online in a certain place.

I may chat to some furries just to be fair and open minded about it but thats it.

That felt like an exorcism. A bit like coming out if you are gay but not as drastic as that.

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