Monday, 23 July 2007


I know someone called Chris who is shall we say a "handful" and i mean that. Hard Work. We were at someones house and it was a party but a very civilised one as there were all these left wing politically correct types who were all hippies in the sixties.They were listening to African music of some sort. "So who is this then ? " said Chris. I couldnt have predicted what he said next : " I know , its Cunty Feely !!! " It was obviously meant to sound like an African name. you just had to hear the silence that followed and then watch everyone trying not to laugh ! I didnt even try not to laugh as it was impossible not to. It happened again later on when the subject of those who bat for the opposite team came up in conversation : "Get back in that closet ! You are not parking your bike up my arse !! " . No invites again for Chris nor me either seeing as i was laughing so much.A bit like being an accomplice to the crime.It was a bit like when Oliver Reed was on that live late night chat show that was on channel 4 a long time ago.That was a mile stone in television watching Oliver Reed get more and more pissed as it progressed and insulting the left wing feminist types that were also guests . Not to mention falling off the chair and knocking drinks over.

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