Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Forgotten Goth Bands

forgotten goth bands. Short paragraphs are unavoidable in this case.Apologies.

The sex Gang children : I thought they were by far the wierdest of them all.Never knew what to make of them as they were unique but some of it was just wierd,but i liked some of it. I only ever played one single that was called Into the abyss that had a good b side.

Flesh for Lulu: Again didnt know much about them but i have 1 lp and 1 single that has a track called coming Down that sounds a lot like it was influenced byThe End by the Doors.

The March Violets : They came from Leeds [where else] they had a few singles that were ok and a mid price lp that was ok.Then they signed to a major label ,did a couple of singles and then that seemed to be that.

Alien Sex Fiend :I liked them a lot and i must get a

best of as i miss hearing them.Dead and Buried was the best thing they did in my opinion.

Specimen:They only did one single that i had as they were more famous for a club called The Batcave.[a famous Goth club in the 80s].

There was another Goth club in London called The Kit Cat club in the late 80s.Once a friends sister was asked out by Ian Astbury of the Cult there but she turned him down.He has probably asked out a lot of girls but it surprised us that she turned him down.

I think by far the wierdest record that i had was an lp called Earcom 78 or something like that that was a compilation of artists on the Fast records label.It is most famous for a track called "Inverness" by The Prats.I cant describe it in words but it is bizarre and funny at the same time.you have to hear it to believe it.It was all tracks by bands you had never heard of but some of it was qiute good. "Inverness" by the Prats is quite well known now apparently.

I had an lp by The Poison Girls that was quite good.They were a feminist punk band of some sort and part of Crass records. Pay no more than 99p was printed on the corner of the cover as an anti capitalist statement to stop shops selling it for more.

I cant think of anymore now but there must be others.

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