Tuesday, 24 July 2007

road rage

i was involved in an incident of road rage a little while ago.I was walking across the road just outside where i live.A car came round the corner at speed and i was subjected to the usual abuse and honking of a horn. I was a bit peeved about this so i threw the remains of what i was eating at the car so the shithead gets out and punches me in the side of the head.No big deal as i didnt feel much in the way of pain.The shithead was trying to impress his girlfriend.I have to say i was in a bit of a dreamworld so i didnt react much. In the end i let him off. A little while later i ran into him in a local shop.As the shop was full of people there wasnt much i could do there and then so i folloewd him out of the shop and he starts to mouth off about being a proffessional fighter etc.absolute rubbish.He was backing off as he was saying it as well.Again i didnt think that this sad overweight slob was worth my effort so i let him go.I knew this guy was a local so i always watched out for him to see where he went.He seemed to have fixed habits like going to the shops here at about 2 o clock in the afternoon for example as i got the impression he was unemployed.sure enough i caught him walikng down the road to the seafront.He was aware at one point that i was following at one point as he kept nervously looking round to see if i was there. So i waited around for him to turn the corner,then i started following again and this time he was unaware that he was being followed this time.I followed him to his door as i was about 40 feet away.As he was going down the steps to his basement i made sure that he saw me over the road watching all the time.He hasnt been seen around here since by me or anyone else either for months now.He had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide so maybe he moved out as he didnt belong here anyway.He had been a problem to others here apparently so good riddence.Perhaps the bin men took him away with the trash. Good idea. I take a very dim view of these types so if i can i put them in their place where they belong.

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