Saturday, 14 July 2007


Once i was with a friend in central LOndon.We wanted to see a live band at the LA2 in the Charing Cross Road.We hadnt any cash to pay to go in as we couldnt get on a guest list that time. All seemed lost at that point.We were hanging around outside the Virgin Megastore.

All of a sudden there was some sort of bombscare and there was panick all around.I dont get panicked so we just stayed where we were and just watched it happen all around.I then noticed on the floor a womans handbag or something lying on the floor just by us.I picked it up and looked inside as you would if you find lost property.In the wallet there was 70 quid plus a lot of cards etc. Her bank account was Barclays Soho Square.I kept the cash and posted the small handbag through the bank letterbox so it could be salely returned to the owner.

I dont feel any guilt for keeping the cash as needs must when you are skint and we got to see the live music.

Once in Brighton there was an event at the Concorde.I knew someone who was the events promoter there.This particular night there was one hour to go before the end of the night but josh the promoter insisted that i still had to pay full price to go in.I declined the offer.

A week or so later Cornershop were playing live at the concorde at the same time as being number 1 as well. I got to the doorJosh [the promoter] was there so i said my name is on the guest list and my friend here.The look on his face said it all really. How did i do that he said ! I am not telling i said ! Revenge was sweet that time.

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