Tuesday, 24 July 2007

internet bandwidths

I am fed up with Broadband that is painfully slow.This is because of bandwidths being oversubscribed or compressed or whatever. Admitidly i am on the cheapest tariff of broadband but the way i see it it is too slow and below the broadband speed that i am paying for. So i propose to virgin that i upgrade to the next faster broadband speed [at no extra cost] as in theory this will up my broadband speed to what it should be in the first place or have a reduction in the cost of what i am supposedly getting right now.Everyone who sees how slow this is comments on it .I have tested it on one of those websites that measure the speed of broadband but to make sure i am going to test it at different times of the day for a week to get an average.

This is just unsatisfactory.Its ntl cabling here not adsl .I dont know if its a symptom of that or if it varies between broadband companies either but i will find out.There is a junction box just outside. I wonder if i can open it and adjust my own broadband speed as everything is controlled by the junction box.

Bastards !! You need a key to open it.

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